New Moon – time to feel, rebuild and heal

After the amazing lunar eclipse which I stayed up for and absorbed, I really didn’t think there would be anything, energy wise to top it. But lo and behold another new moon is upon us tomorrow night.  Check the time it will appear where you are here. This time it is not the visual aspect of the moon that is going to stun us, it is the energy and the lessons we will be picking up that will be both wonderful and annoying. Why the later? Because there will be past issues coming up to the surface, emotions and by the end of it, some us will feel raw and exposed.  Sounds scary doesn’t it? When I work on someone with energy healing (Integrated Energy Healing) I get drawn to the core of their current issue. You may well think that a trauma or experience when you were a child is tucked away in the past but subconsciously your mind and body is clocking every single movement, decision or reaction. Its like buying a new laptop and you download something or merely click on a link and you get some sort of a pop up which irritates you for a  moment. You click it away and think its gone. But your operating system is being affected by it every single time you switch the laptop on. One day you’ll find your system sluggish or just compromised. With the right software or virus remover, you may be able to get rid of the virus once and for all. But until you do, it will be running in the background and corrupting your system. Your mind and body is the operating system and until you get to the bottom of your issues be it past experiences, heartbreak, conditioning or guilt, it is going to be there affecting your body and blocking your full potential. Not everything difficult that comes our way is bad – often they are put there to make you stop and think. Let us all hold hands and face our truth to heal and get on with our lives. New Moon by Angela Mitchell

Harness the energy that is coming your way firstly by smudging your house with some good quality sage. Start at the front door and face north. Go around to every single room in the house. I tend to play some lovely spiritual music by Dr Nippun Aggarwal  who makes the most beautiful meditation music. Once you have finished smudging then put the sage in a safe place and if you can spare a few moments, just sit in the silence. Ask whoever who guides you – a diety, God, Spirit guide, Angels or a loved one in Spirit… help you connect with the energy. Ask Mother Earth to bring you the messages you need to help you deal with the here and now. You don’t need hours, just a few minutes will suffice.

With that done, sit down and do your intention list. Write down clearly what you want – “I would be grateful if…………” Keep your words positive, grateful and kind. If someone was giving away free gifts at an event, who would he choose? The kind and grateful one or the miserable, demanding and rude person?

Be open to good things. Sometimes it may be a little financial reward, at times making amends with a long lost friend or passing an exam which you have failed several times. Some lucky ones may even have a big windfall but that doesn’t mean your Angels or guides were sleeping on the job! Its all about timing and when something needs to happen… will happen.

The next thing to do is washing your crystals and putting them out in clean cooled boiled water and covered with cling film in a bowl.  Leave them outside over night.

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