He who owns the house faces the wind the most

I woke up this morning saying these words “He who owns the house faces the wind the most”. I have to admit it took me a while to decipher my writing as I scribbled it down on my dream book the moment I woke up. Yes, I have a “dream book” where I jot down my dreams and whatever I wake up saying. I realised a while ago that the spirit world use our dream time to communicate messages and offer inspiration. I have a bad memory normally so I need to write it down. I enjoy going through the book to see how some of the dreams have unfolded and the hidden meanings in messages. Sorry for the straying from the original post. So yes, I woke up saying the words above and took me a while to get what it meant. You know how we tend to say, “Unless you have walked in my shoes…” It is something along the same lines but maybe a little deeper. The person who owns the house knows how hard it is to manage and maintain the property. . There is a huge difference between owning a house and renting one.  Let me use an analogy which is a little more interesting than the house! Have you heard of the hermit crab? They do not own their own shell but find abandoned sea snail shells to move into as they grow. When the shell starts to feel small, they begin their search for a bigger and suitable shell to protect themselves from predators. So when the crab starts to grow again, the search starts again. Unlike the other crabs which are physically attached to the shell walls, the hermit crab is a free agent. It has no loyalty to the shells it chooses to live. A normal crab will have to care for the shell, ensure it’s not released too quickly before the new one is fully grown. It also has to spend a long time hiding from predators in the sea while the new shell grows and hardens. It has to care, maintain and knows how important it is to protect itself. There is attachment, responsibility, loyalty and a sense of belonging.

He know owns the house faces the wind the most

Similarly, your soul or your spirit, is your house and your shell. If you don’t care and maintain it, then no one else will. We do not have the luxury of being a hermit crab. We are attached to our spirit and we feel every single flaw, every single pain and jolt. Keep it running, keep it balanced and keep it fed. Each of us will face our wind and our experience will differ from one person to the next. I realise the true meaning of this statement now and why I need to say this. Many of us face hardships in our lives.

Sometimes all we want is a little empathy, understanding and in some cases, being able to see things from your point of view. Here is the important bit – you are not always going to get it!  Because you own the shell and some of our family and friends, don’t! They won’t always understand because, very often they can’t put themselves in your shoes, situation or house!

Be proud that you “own” your house. You are in touch with our spirit because all you can do is grow, strengthen and harden yourself to the harsh winds out there. Eventually you will no longer feel it. But the one thing that will continue and make sense – yes, you got it……your house, spirit – the shell! Stay strong and stay true to yourself!