Aug 8 – Lionsgate & New Moon in Leo

Lionsgate 8:8 & New Moon in Leo

August 8, 2021

Time to step out of the shadow!

Third Eye Activation

As we head into another huge energy upgrade tomorrow through the 8:8 Lionsgate portal our clairvoyance will be enhanced.

If you feel any funny tingly sensation between your eyes, where your 3rd eye is at, then don’t worry, you are just feeling the energy as your inner sight is being upgraded.

I have always felt source (God) knows what we need and when. At this time when humanity is facing upheaval and the path ahead unclear, there is a need for better clarity so that while the general chaos continues, individuals have enough light to see ahead.

The 3rd eye gives us clarity and provides guidance which when it works in tandem with the solar and sacral chakras – help us feel powerful. What rocks our boat is lack of clarity which then knocks on our confidence. When you feel reassured and know what is heading your way then you deal with anything.

Karma – Old situations requiring healing

Eight is the power of karma, “what goes around, comes around” so you will see old problems come back but there will be new ways to work on them. This can be from an old relationship to an issue you had at an old job. For example, if you resigned from a company because of bullying, then you may see this starting up in your current job.

Here is your chance to implement your learning lessons. If you didn’t speak up then, now is your chance to do so. If you were passive before, then take action and be more assertive this time. You get the idea. This helps you cut the cords with the “victim” inside of you.

So expect old situations to crop up – your mind going back to old problems or hurts or people contacting you out of the blue. You will be presented with the opportunity to heal and to put things right.

8:8 is the time for reflection and being realistic. This merely means you want to see the truth – no bullshitting to yourself. See it, do it and make it happen.

The high vibration energy that is being given to us will allow for better decision making and taking the plunge, but you have to be ready and know what you want. You can’t say one thing but mean the other.

The Lionsgate portal takes place every year during Leo season when the star Sirius and the Earth align. Although the energy starts end of July, it is said to peak at 8:8 as that day is seen as a gateway.

This is when the energy enters our physical world so that for that one day, we have access into our spiritual world, to receive inner knowledge, connect with the divine, and remember our life purpose.

As the New Moon is also arriving on the 8th, the energy will feel intense and fast-moving. So much so some of us may feel a little dreamy, floaty and even like the ground is moving at times. So expect some strange vivid and bizarre dreams at this time! We will unconsciously be moving from the physical to the spirit world very easily. Some may even experience out of body events which can be both thrilling and weird at the same time.

The New Moon is for new beginnings and to stop, reflect and tweak our plans.  You may have already seen some brilliant new ideas and opportunities appearing this week!

The sign of Leo – helps to keep us on track to ensure that we are not left behind. In fact, Leo wants us to be the leader of the pack, not a follower. August is all about expansion and the New Moon will have you do just that!

The combination of the Lionsgate, New Moon and the Leo influence our desire for new beginnings in our relationship – for example, if you are single, then the urge to find love will be strong, and those in relationships may be looking at taking charge of a situation that has been bothering you. However it happens for you, there will be action and consequence. There is a rebellious streak in all of us which will be activated this weekend! Imagine yourself armed with a toolbag and going around the house fixing things! That is exactly what this energy is going to do for you – to fix what is not working in your life!

Visits from the Spirit World

Another aspect of the Lionsgate which is further heightened by the New Moon is that the spirit world and our physical world will merge to allow our loved ones to visit us!

So you may find your dreams include your loved ones in Spirit more either talking or appearing as part of your dream! Some of us may even have signs from spirit more often this coming week than usual, or even physical occurrences such as lights flickering on and off, things falling to the floor or even sensing Spirit in the home.

Don’t be afraid if this happens. Just speak to your loved ones and send them your love. All they want is to be remembered and to be acknowledged.

If you want your loved ones to come close then speak to them! Ask for signs and welcome them to your dreams!

How to make full use of this energy:

  1. If you have been feeling your 3rd eye spinning then time to sit in meditation and to allow the energy to flow through you. I recommend just sitting with your eyes closed and listening to this beautiful chant it will relax you and gives your 3rd eye an opportunity to speak. Leave paper and pen next to you to write down whatever you see, feel or hear during the meditation
  • Do your New Moon ritual: Smudge your house with sage or frankincense from the front door to around the house and back to the front door. Smudging helps to clear the existing energy in the house as well as all those living in the space. The new energy can’t do much if the energy is already very heavy. Clear the old to bring in the new.
  • Manifest: Write down just after your meditation – three things you want in your life. Take the paper out to the garden at night. Look up to the sky and feel the moon. Breathe in and out, to soak in the energy and say “This is my wishlist of things I want to manifest. I am ready and willing”. Burn the paper in a fire proof pot.  If you live in a flat you can go to the window or balcony to do your wishes then go into your kitchen and burn it in the sink or stove. Be safe!


Love to all


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