New Moon in Gemini & Solar Eclipse – June 10

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

June 10-11 2021

If you an empathic, these last week would have been rather heavy and uncompromising. There may have been minor accidents, feeling slight dizziness, digestive issues, lucid dreams or miscommunications.

While solar eclipses are traditionally seen as a “bad thing”, mainly because of lack of understanding, they can actually give us a new leash in life.

Many will find themselves awakening to new truths about aspects of their life that they have been hiding from or unaware of. This could well spark new thought processes, ideas and new beginnings.

For example, you could wake up this week with the realisation that you hate your job and start searching for a new one. You could have been having doubts about your relationship but the solar eclipse could well uncover the good reasons why you should stay in the relationship or vice versa. This could initiate fun times and opportunities to reconnect with your partner.

The main theme for this week will be wanting to connect and communicate from the heart.

Gemini taps into our inquisitive nature. So don’t be too surprised if you are thirsty for information, looking into new ideas and feeling to investigate a feeling, a rumour or a topic.

It very much affects our MIND therefore watch what you think about this week – are there new ideas, revelations or a need to review choices right now. Are you bring honest with yourself right now? Is someone not being true with you?

However as we are tipping our toes into the future with this energy, the past may come colliding into our present in the form of an ex, a past experience or even situations. This gives us a chance to review current situations with the lesson from the past.

For example you may be taken back to a situation with a friendship and review how you handled it. Perhaps better communications would have saved the friendship? Is this recurring again now? Is there a miscommunication happening right now and you could pick up the phone and sort out a disagreement rather than assume what the other is thinking?

The combination of the New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Gemini’s energy makes me feel how we communicate will change and be important right now. We may seek more substantial conversations and move away from shallow ones.

It could also be a time to reflect on our own emotions and how it could shape our communications.

The energy right now is about making things better. Improving how we express ourselves, how we communicate and even our belief systems will be imperative.

We will feel the climate changes right now. I keep feeling a weather situation building up in around the Caribbean/nearby.

I know in the UK we are all looking forward to our “freedom day” where restrictions will be eased. I keep getting asked if this will happen by some of my clients but I haven’t really said much as I don’t want people to think I am “negative”. My intuition is telling me the Government won’t feel confident. However anything can happen end of Mercury Retrogrades and this is a complex situation. For me, it won’t make a difference as I am taking it easy with the existing “freedom”.

There is so much happening with celestial energy now with two planets in Retrograde – Saturn and Mercury and loads of other energy shifts that we are going to feel it both in our physical body and spiritual field.

There is still about two weeks plus left of the Mercury Retrograde which slows things down and causes mischief in the form of miscommunications, travel, and slow progress in decision making, contracts and very grumpy people about!

You can read more about Saturn in Retrograde here

In summary, there will new beginnings, an emotional time to reflect, learn from the past, review your own personal communications with opportunities to let go of the negative.

A good time to start journaling if you haven’t already done so. If you struggle with making decisions or see your emotions clearly then journaling can be very useful.

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Here is the New Moon Ritual:

  1. This is a good time to write down your “Letting Go” list – jot down all the things you no longer want in your life. This could be from an ex who still affects you, to emotions (anger, jealously, envy, sadness etc), addictions (food, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs), to anything that prevents you from progressing and being happy. Write this down on a sheet of paper. Create space and time to do this. Give yourself the time to reflect and honour whatever needs to be released.
  • Sage the house – the energy is heavy at the moment so clear the energy with sage or frankincense.
  • Spend some time in the shower. The energy is very heavy and hot. So cool the body down with water and if you have flowers such as roses or anything non-toxic, you can crush it in your palms and rub it on your body. I do this once a month especially around new moon times with my old flowers. We need nature to ground ourselves and this is a great way to centre and calm.