Complete guide to September’s Energies


SEPT 20 – Full Moon in Pisces

Sept 22nd – Autumnal Equinox

Sept 26th – Mercury Retrograde

There is a reason why many of us have been dreaming A LOT, I mean crazy weird and baffling dreams.  We are being sent subliminal messages through dream time. Our souls have been speaking boldly and loudly. Look at the overarching messages and themes in your dreams. If you don’t already keep a journal or record via notes in your phone, then it is a good time to do so. This helps you keep track of your dreams, themes and messages.

Tune into your SOUL for guidance.  What do you need to do to elevate yourself – emotionally, financially or for your career? What is your soul trying to tell you? Do you dare to dream of the life you want?

Are your Spirit family or friends appearing in your dreams lately? What are they doing, saying or showing you? Reflect and understand the messages they are trying to convey. This is really down to Neptune’s influence right now so very dreamy and slightly foggy minds.

The energy is slowing down now with Mercury in Retrograde on the 26th/27th so don’t rush or push. If you do, then be prepared to face resistance.  We will also be facing people saying one thing and doing another this time.

The Pisces Full Moon will make us all feel extra sensitive, tender, vulnerable and even emotional right now.  Depending on where you are on your journey, it can also be totally joyful and energetic.

There may be some issues around water – either big floods or lack of water in certain countries right now.  The Pisces energy makes me feel the extremes are possible right now.

I feel the energy is asking us to hibernate, plan and reflect.  We will also be hit with indecision right now. If it feels hard, let go and go back to the drawing board to plan.

We will see certain things complete for example a situation, or decisions finally coming through or results from anything good or bad from March/April time.

The Autumn Equinox is a good time to get dreamy and spend time doing things like writing and being creative.

Your intuition will be high right now so pay attention to your dreams, thoughts or signs.

Full Moon Ritual for this month:

Crystal bath – if you have a bath, place some water safe crystals in the bath about 30mins before. You can half fill the bath with warm water to just cover the crystals then fill it up before you enter the tub. Put in some flowers as well if you want but it is totally optional. How to choose which crystal to use? Place them on a table infront of you and close your eyes. Say to yourself “show me three crystals” and see where your eyes are drawn to when you open your eyes. You can play some music or light some incense if you like too.  This is a wonderful way to ground and cleanse your energy.  If you don’t have a bath, you can use a clean large bowl and soak the crystals for 40mins or an hour. Have a shower as normal and end with pouring the crystal water (take the crystal out first) over your head. Another way is you can just soak your feet in a clean or new bucket.

Wishlist: Get a clean flower pot or something fireproof to burn the papers in. You can throw in some loose sage leaves in the fire before setting your wish lists on fire. Do it individually and wait until it’s fully burnt before the next person burns theirs. Close your eyes and concentrate on what you have asked for. Thank the universe for all that you have and ask for help to manifest the list. Do not speak to each other when you are doing this. Close your eyes and look up to the sky and feel the energy. Pay attention to any thoughts or messages that pop into your mind’s eye. Don’t underestimate the power of the Moon and the universe. Answers and solutions become unlocked during these times. If you can’t burn the wish list then leave it on the window where the moon rays will hit or on an altar with the crystals on top. 

Crystals: Full moons are the best time to energise and clean your crystals. You can do this after your crystal bath. Put them in a clean transparent bowl. Pour in some cooled down boiled water or mineral water into the bowl and cover with cling film. The best way to energise them is to leave them outside but you can also leave them on a window sill if don’t have a garden. Leave them overnight to get the full light of the moon. Bring it in the next day and use the energised water to water the plants or just wash your face with it.  Check if your crystals can be submerged in water first.


Smudging your house on or before the night of a full moon is to me, is like cleaning your house before you have a party. You want to get rid of the rubbish and make way for a fun event. Have some Californian white sage or Frankincense with you. Begin by asking Archangel Michael to ground and protect you. Ask him to surround you with his healing light. Start at the front of the house and face north. Walk around the house and try to spread the smoke to each and every corner of the house. Keep a clear and positive mind when you do this. Don’t think about anything. Pay attention to the messages that come through your dreams, people, ideas, solutions and synchronistic events in your life.

Happy Manifesting!

Feel free to share with your family and friends. Do let me know if you found this article useful.