Why Spirits appear to us even after rituals and ceremonies

Why Spirits appear to us even after rituals and ceremonies

I was chatting with a friend the other lady about religious/cultural rituals for the dead and spirits. She was under the impression that the Hindu rituals were to release the soul to the next life or place so they wouldn’t haunt or come back to our physical world. This was a very interesting topic for me as I have said before, my mom came from a very strict Hindu background while my dad was a Roman Catholic. We are closet Hindus though was my paternal grandmother and that side of the family did not like us “mixing religions”. I know my dad resonated more with Hinduism and the rituals probably because he spent a lot of time studying and travelling in India. He was also very spiritual and a great follower of yoga, meditation and self awareness. He had in his lifetime met some of the most important yogis and spiritual gurus and learned almost every meditation or yoga technique. This is before it all became trendy and hip. It was the time when yoga, meditation and spirituality was a holistic approach to life . Despite the peer pressure to not practice Hinduism, my mother always managed to sneak in a temple trip, a ritual here and a prayer there. 

As a result I was lucky enough to witness and take part lots of rituals, from new born baby ceremonies to sending off the dead and even coming of age rituals. Some of which I understand and accept but I still never understood why I had to down glasses of raw eggs with castor oil for a month when I first got my period. It was sheer torture and I still gag when I see raw eggs. Ewwww! Apparently the old wives tale was that the mixture helps to aid childbirth. Protein from the eggs for nutritional reasons, to give you strength and the castor oil supposedly helps baby’s journey into the world smoother. I could be wrong but how is force feeding a 14 year old help labour years later? Jury is out on this one for me. But you see there is such so many different rituals, ceremonies, myths and old wive tales to navigate through and this is not just for Indians or Hindus, its in almost every culture, religion or country around the world. 

The rituals for the dead in Hinduism is to be a great send off. It is such a beautiful and sacred time for the living to bond with the dead. I always found cremation as the most sensible and quietly satisfying way for the dead to leave us. I remember my dad feeling extremely guilty about not visiting his dad and years later, his mom’s grave. There was pressure to ensure the graves were maintained and squabbles within the family about who should take responsibility. It almost felt that “grandma or grandpa was there – just under neath the moss covered head stone. There was so much emphasis on the grave that we forget they are with us all the time and everywhere. In fact they are least likely to hover around their grave when they no longer have the connection to their physical form.

My father had a Christian funeral leading up to the crematorium. I still choke up when I hear Amazing Grace. Brings me back to the church where I sat like I had a huge stone in my stomach. The Hindu ceremony was a serene, peaceful and spiritual affair. We drove a long way on a narrow road to a different town with my dad’s ashes. I was a little apprehensive about having his ashes so close but remember, I was still resisting my spirituality in those days.  We had a car load of flowers, incense, fruits and a long list of things the priest had asked us to bring including his payment.  We arrived at a very humble shrine set precariously on the edge of a very fast moving river. My brother, as the son was asked to put on a “vaisti” and take his shirt off. The priest put on a thick thread around him and did some special prayers to “protect” him. Obviously now I do question why he needed protection as my dad was unlikely to want to hurt his beloved son and spirits vibrate on love not hate.

We watched as they both waded into the middle of the river which was tricky as the stones underneath were slippery and the undercurrents strong. They poured his ashes into a brass container and the priest chanted mantras as my dad was released to the river. As my brother poured him little by little into the water, the light grey cloud blended into the water, turning dark and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.

And suddenly dawn  broke and a ray of light hit my brother and the brass container he was holding so we were all dazzled with golden light for a minute. And then a flock of birds appeared out of no where and flew up in the sky and away. It was the most beautiful moment of my life and I cried but it was from happiness. I knew right then and there that my dad was free and in peace. I saw it as a send off, the best way to let him go on to whatever came next.  

The conversation I had with this lady was about rituals Hindus such as these. Proper Hindu rituals would have more to it than what we did for my dad but they have a similar purpose. I found a beautiful article on this which was an interesting read.

Back to the question about these rituals serving a purpose e.g so they won’t come back and why and how spirits communicate with Mediums, well the answer is simple. These rituals are simply man made ceremonies which were put into place as a way for the living to say goodbye and send off their loved ones who have passed.  In the stone age, I can only assume that when someone died, they would either leave them somewhere far away or bury them. But then people would have found it really difficult to cope with the loss – of their presence, their laughter and personality around them. Not being able to reach out and touch someone, knowing you will never be able to do so is a huge part of the grieving process. Eventually mankind realised they had to do something to mark the passing of another human being and every culture and religion have their own way of saying goodbye. 

Hindus have very specific rituals to follow when someone has passed and the first year anniversary for example is a big event. There is lots of things to buy, make, cook and prepare and people to invite. Food is cooked and a separate setting with food, drinks and lot of ceremonial items placed near the persons’ photo. After a long and very intensive prayer session, everyone sits down for a meal. Tears are shed, stories told and hearts full of memories.

The spirit world appreciates such gestures and look down on these days with fondness but they need nothing except our love and to be remembered.  They don’t come back to us to haunt us but only to say hello and to let you know they still love and care.

Why do they “come back” ? Wouldn’t you if you had a chance to speak through a medium or to visit the family to see how they are getting on? It always boils down to “what would you do if you had the chance?  They don’t actually come back but merely a moment occurs where they can see us and realise they are able to communicate. Its like a veil has lifted and a special flash second of love between the two worlds is possible.

Put what you have been told about the dead, death and the spirit world — just open your hearts to the possibilities. 

Build the rainbow bridge with love, don’t destroy it with fear – Angela Mitchell 

The Mini Moon

Tomorrow’s moon is the smallest Full Moon of 2016, It is technically completing its phase at 6.24am tomorrow morning but you will see and feel its full effect tonight. Hopefully the skies will be clear for us to view the moon in Scorpio. The focus is on relationships and facing up to things we would rather keep hidden. It is all about standing up for yourself which will be a great teacher because you will be learning about yourself in the process. Your relationship with people around you, be it a love interest or friends and family will be test – for a positive change. Lots of options will pop up. Do you say something now or is it worth it? Keep going or time for change? Don’t rush into things because you think you have to, take a few deep breaths in difficult situations and try to keep calm. This is not a time to be impulsive.

Tonight is a great time to write your wishlist, smudge the house and leave your crystals out to energise in the moonlight.

Please share and let your friends and family know x

Guide to writing your intention/wishlist , energising crystals and smudging for full moons

Signs that you need a Psychic Reading

Is there a right or wrong time to seek a reading?

Let’ me put it this way, say you are driving to a new destination; would you rather have direction at that exact moment you knew you were lost? OR after spending hours trying to get that phone signal to connect to the GPS, looking for a petrol station to ask for directions or stopped to look for the map in the boot?

Wouldn’t you rather readjust your journey to your destination before all that hassle? Safe yourself the time, effort and anger?

Knowing when to reach out for a psychic/ Angel card reading is all about knowing the symptoms and timing.

If patterns keep appearing – everything going wrong all the time, you can’t get anything right, feel like there is a huge obstacle in your way, one thing goes right and everything else falls apart, not meeting the right people for relationships, disruption plaguing you despite all the positivity and effort you put into making things work – yes its time!

Some of my clients come to see me because of timing e.g. having to make a decision or need to have a decision made. They will also be confused and unwilling to make decisions. The reading will bring CLARITY and get to the heart of the matter. There is nothing more powerful than going to see a good psychic medium who brings up issues which have been playing on your mind for months! There is no trickery involved. When we work psychically, we are linking with your spirit. As Dr Wayne Dyer said, “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience” so your spirit knows everything about you. All the things your mind supresses is released during a psychic reading if the sitter is open to the experience. If you sit there sceptically or with a closed heart, you are ultimately creating a block. I am a sensitive so usually I sense it very early on in the reading and work with the sitter to get the best out of the reading.

A psychic reading is really about there here and now. Tapping into your Spirit, the all-knowing and pure source to uncover the truth behind what is happening in your life. Behind every problem is a solution. Behind every question is a answer.

A good quality reading will give you an understanding, clarity and most of all, guidance on how to move forward in your life. Unfortunately there is such an emphasis on “fortune tellers” and “the future”

I prefer to give clarity and guidance to your life NOW so you can shape your FUTURE. When we put so much hope in someone telling you what is going to happen in the future, we suffer such a big disappointment before it happens and lose faith in the reading because – your “free will” can and will change the outcome. I truly believe that people should seek direction for the here and now.

Let the future form naturally from the decisions you make now.

So if you recognise any of the symptoms then its time for a reading. Stop getting lost. Get yourself a psychic GPS!

X Angela

Manifesting Positively & A Freebie

Some of you would have heard me mention Elizabeth Peru a couple of times either on this page or when you came to see me. I think she is simply amazing, revolutionary and authentic. She is offering us a chance to download one of her “express tipoff” which is a summary of what her weekly newsletter. Its very useful and really explains how energy shifts influence our emotions, spiritual self and well being. In the past week I have experience amazing things – a scene I saw in a dream a few months ago came true which was beautiful and weird at the same time. The‪#‎healing‬ sessions with my lovely clients have been extra special. I am both surprised and amazed by how ‪#‎energyhealing‬ is bringing about positive change to the ladies. ‪#‎ElizabethPeru‬ said last week that we have to take ACTION to ‪#‎manifest‬ your dreams into reality. This is SO true. Its like saying you want to win the ‪#‎lottery‬ but never buying a ticket. There is no point blaming the ‪#‎universe‬ or ‪#‎God‬ that your circumstances hasn’t changed or that you never win at anything. You will only have a chance to win the lottery if you have a ticket. You have to take the leap, take action and put things into place – but ask the powers that may be, for extra help to make things happen. I have been trying to lose weight for a while and was really frustrated. I put out an intention to the universe and asked for help. A few days later I saw a post in a ‪#‎facebook‬ page about a project to help women in my area to get active. I knew it was a sign and applied for it straightaway. I couldn’t believe it when I was told I was selected. I started my programme this week and I have faith that this will really push me in the right direction. Hope you take action to create the positive energy to a better future.
I would like to bring your attention to Elizabeth’s prediction for Saturday which is about ‪#‎manifesting‬. She warns that our manifesting abilities are high which is a good thing BUT beware of what you focus on. If you are single and keep saying on Saturday that “I am doomed to stay single for the rest of my life” or “I’ll never meet anyone” then you are manifesting the complete opposite of what you really want. Try to keep your thoughts positive and be clear of what you want. I always keep a intention & gratitude list in my healing and reading room next to my ‪#‎ganesha‬. I also write the same list down and burn it on ‪#‎newmoon‬ and ‪#‎fullmoon‬ nights.
Please do share this so your friends and family get the freebie and also get some guidance for the coming week.

Lots of love to you all.

Download the freebie form #Elizabethperu here:

Download the Sample – simply scroll page

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 1st

Wednesday is supposed to be the hottest day of the week and it is also an important day in astrology. The last full moon was about focus and being more aware of what we want. The universe will be sending subtle signals via our dreams and synchronicity events so keep your eyes open! Emotions will be at an all time high so beware.

It would be a good idea to keep some crystals close to you the next couple of days. Re-energise them on the full moon night.

I have some beautiful ones which will keep you balanced and help you with clarity and focus.

You are welcome to pop around my place to have a look. The best way to choose crystals is by feeling it in your hands. I am down to my last few crystals so be quick.