March 28- 29

18:48 UTC/14:48 Eastern/3.48am Malaysia

The Full Moon on the 28th occurs in the sign of Libra which encourages us to be more cooperative and fair in all areas of our lives. This is because the full moon like it always does, sheds light on relationships and our flaws. The things we hide away from are often magnified during the full moon.
The moon will appear larger than usual as it is a “supermoon” as its closest to Earth than usual.
This is also called a “Worm Moon” which according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, refers to the earthworms that appear when the soil warms up in spring.
In some ways, we can relate that to our emotions and how things will unfold for us. Sometimes we do need to shine the light onto the dark for progress.
Honour any feelings and emotions that rise to the surface this week. If small squabbles erupt then dig deeper for the core issues. As humans, we do tend to skim the surface and avoid facing certain truths, in fear of what we may find.
Dealing with issues big or small as it happens to reduce the chances of things building up in the future.
If you are ignoring signs that the relationship isn’t working then the full moon will intensify emotions to force you to deal with those difficult questions. We can only avoid certain things for only so long.
Sort out any paperwork now rather than later There will be deadlines to be met so don’t delay.
Like most full moons, it will be an emotional time and feelings will float to the surface. If you feel like crying or just wanting to keep to yourself then – do just that! It is okay to cry and to stay in bed if that is what you need right now.
Loads of planetary alignments – Venus, Chiron, and the Sun PLUS the Moon will be aligned with Saturn and Mars called the Grand Trine.
They will have a big impact on our ability to heal from the past. Many will have a strong emotional reaction to the energies right now. You may find yourself dealing with past hurt, wrongs done to you or any injustice in some ways. This could come in the form of an ex being in contact or dealing with something from the past that you would rather forget.
This is to give you an opportunity for closure and healing, to let go of the past and to relieve you of the burdens you have been carrying.
To heal, we must feel the pain to recognise the problem and bring it to our consciousness. Facing our old wounds is difficult but necessary if we truly want to release and let go.
There may also be a situation or situations where you will be forced to deal with difficult relationships with friends or close ones. You may be forced to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes in the next few days or week. This will help us to see a different softer side to ourselves.
In summary, the energies of this full moon will prompt us to think deeply about our emotions, heal past wounds and reconsider our stand in relationships. This is a chance to improve our friendships and grow.
This is also a very creative and inspiring time to make some changes. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to change the colour scheme in the house, try out a new art style or use bright bold colours.
The energy now will open the gateway to a much lighter and faster moving April.
🌕 Do your full moon ritual between the 27th- 29th (https://angela-mitchell.co.uk/fullmoonrituals)

🌕 Keep your thoughts positive

🌕 Meditate to this beautiful heart-opening and healing meditation music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb31ViArzIY