First Full Moon of 2021 – Courage to Speak & Step Away

First Full Moon of 2021 – Courage to Speak Up & Step Away

Sign of Leo – The Wolf Full Moon

Thursday, Jan 28th – 19:16 (UK), 2.18pm (NY)

Friday, Jan  29th – 3.16am (Malaysia)

The Full Moon energy reached us last week and is slowly working its way up into our consciousness. Some may have had very deep meaningful dreams, visitations by Spirit people and conflict with others in the last two weeks or so. I know Angel energy was also very strong and vibrating at a different speed than I am usually used to. Something has certainly changed and I feel there is a shift in our consciousness and healing has been sent. I have been seeing lots of green vibrating energy around since New Year which I have recognised over the years as Angel energy but also with healing waves.

Loads of sleepless nights, depression, feeling very low, energy drained, disturbed sleep, anger and dramas in friendships and relationships. It has been an eventful month so far!

Full Moons are emotional times where we let go of some of the baggage and start new projects and begin afresh cycle from something we may have experienced, thought about or felt in the New Moon or the previous Full Moon. There will be things that appeared in December’s Full Moon that might have needed extra time to materialise, as they say, things happen when the time is right.  
Full Moons illuminate the areas of our lives that require attention whether its finances, relationships or life purpose, you will be forced to deal with them head-on. With Leo influencing the Full Moon this month, we will be inspired to speak up, express ourselves and also share our emotions with people close to us. This may encourage interesting and enlightening conversations with people may have struggled to communicate their feelings before. On the other hand, this could be you expressing yourself or feel the need to get something off your chest. If you do, then be careful, read what you have written and be mindful of how you come across. It could cause drama that you don’t need right now.As I mentioned before, the energy may have been rather heavy, frustrating and moody of late. Old feelings were being flooding in, whether it was through a relationship or whether it was new friendships that were not serving your highest good or relationships that need more balance. Whatever that happens in January with relationships will be in your best interest.One of the big themes we will be facing between now and February’s Full Moon is the need for SPACE and also YOU as the individual in a relationship, family or even work. Putting yourself first will be important right now. 

The negative aspect of this Full Moon is impulsive behaviour. This feels more aligned with finances and decision making.  Take a deep breath and reflect before you make any big purchases or changes in your life. Step away and think about it before you take action. Leo brings us a burst of ideas, leadership qualities and to look at the bigger picture. Good time to listen to your intuition, acknowledge any ideas or thoughts that may have been playing on your mind lately by writing them down and considering each one to see how it fits in with your life or situation. The energy of Leo reminds that regardless of the challenges that may be in our path, we have the ability to overcome as long as we remember that we have the power to make those important decisions.

Full Moons often bring up fears and old habit may be looked at with a different eye now that well -being is at the top of our minds. The biggest theme from now till New Moon will be COURAGE!  Courage to say NO, the courage to say YES, and most importantly, the courage to step away from anything that no longer serves your highest good.

Extra reminder – Mercury Retrogrades on Jan 30 to Feb 20th – this will create chaos with communications and not a great time to purchase big electrical or expensive items as it will be issues like repairs, needing to exchange, not reading the fine print properly or delays.  Be also careful of things that may need repairs breaking down and ensure that you have enough petrol in the car if you are making a trip.

This Full Moon is also known, according to the Old’ Farmer’s Alamanac, as the Full Wolf Moon. This relates to the sounds of the wolves at this time of the year in Northern America particularly. Wolves howling is sometimes associated with marking their territory which lions also do but with urine. I find this particularly symbolic as we will be wanting our space, clearing it up for more positive energy but also creating a bit of space between us and others. However, at the same times, wolves are known to hunt as a pack. So whilst we may be busy creating our own personal space, we are also reminded that we need to be part of a community – to work together to co-exist. So the wolf moon I feel will try to reconnect you with family and friend, some of whom may not always have seen eye to eye.

This will be useful as we go on deeper into the new year and face any challenges but this time, as a collective.

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