Goodbye, 2020!

As this year comes to an end, I am sure many of you are glad to see back of 2020. I do hope that we are able to unpick the good from the bad.
Values that may have been buried in the old way of living, led by material gain and a faster pace of life rose to the surface. Family, home and going back to basics have become important again.
We have learned to slow down and appreciate what we have and to make the best of our situation – something our ancestors did during wartimes and natural disasters.
I remember my mother telling me stories about the Japanese occupation of Malaya where all they had to eat were yam and tapioca – steamed and tossed in coconut. Sugar was luxury and if they had some, this would be very lightly sprinkled on top. Tea with milk or sugar was a luxury for most. They had to stay indoors or hide in fear so they learned to stay silent and listened to their parents. The lack of freedom and of choice was something I could not relate to at all. I also couldn’t imagine being stuck indoors with the family!
Years later, I would find myself crying my heart out because all I wanted was to be with my family – all together in one place. Not being able to hold my sister’s hand as I watched my mother slowly die in the US on WhatsApp, was hard.
The things that sold out, that people were stockpiling were toilet paper and flour. It became the two most wanted items in the entire year. The humble toilet paper that we took for granted, was worth fighting for in some countries. Flour – there is always so much of it – suddenly because important because people started to bake at home, more than before.
Even friends who never really baked or cooked were doing it and posting it on social media. There was a sense of achievement and satisfaction of having made something. We also learned to make do with what we had. In my household, we reduced the number of trips we would normally take for grocery shopping. We made more of an effort to reduce waste and eat what we had.

Art & craft supplies were also sold out in most shops. As a part-time art teacher, I know how relaxing and enjoyable art is but it was always a struggle to get adults to join in my classes. However, during the pandemic, I saw more and more people take part in my classes. Yet again, we were all taken back to our inner child – where art played a huge part in our emotional freedom and expression!
2020 took us deep within ourselves. It also took many of us to a dark place. I know I was falling into depression after my mother passed away. It felt like the hardest time of my life. There were times where I felt wouldn’t make it to the end of 2020 but here I am. Somehow as I was thrown into that dark pit of pain, grief and suffering, I found a spark, a flame and it grew and grew until I could breathe again. Deep in my solitude, I found I could live again.
I know many of you will resonate with this. I learned to LIVE again. I also know that if I survived 2020 and losing the most amazing and inspiring person in my life – my mother, then I can deal with anything now.
I also appreciate the light more now that I have experienced the darkness. How could we appreciate or value the light without having been thrown into the darkness?
So now in 2021, we need to spread this light, to overcome the darkness, to push it into a corner so that all we see is light. To take care of others, to lift others up and to put our well-being to the top of our list.
We have just celebrated Christmas and now ushering in another new year. It is a sign don’t you think that the Christmas star, possible the star of Bethlehem which appeared when Jesus was born, appears now, in the darkest time of humanity to light up our skies?
A sign of hope and guidance, to believe in a new day, a new day and a new year. To take responsibility for our health and to keep others safe, to learn from this year which will never be forgotten.

What’s in store for us in 2021?

In numerology, 2021 is a number 5 year. Simply put, it is about change, freedom, choice and life lessons. There will be a greater push for personal freedom both against authority as well as in relationships. After all time we have had to think and reflect, things we may have suppressed or ignored will come to the surface to be processed. So don’t be surprised if you spent the first half of the new year thinking about old issues and creating boundaries. This could be from cleaning up your friends’ list on Facebook, saying NO to people (nicely of course!) who keep taking to perhaps even deciding to spend more time with certain people.

Every January, the wellness industry will begin their campaign to shame us into exercising with discounts and reminders to exercise, juice, diet or buy their products for a slimmer and better you. I suspect this year we will see more on mental health wellness and overall well-being especially from natural resources and community building.

Channelled from my Guides:

My main guide, Yellow Bear stepped forward to give me the following: 2021 will see more division in Government but also within the classes. Each time I try to feel Brexit, I feel a sense of emptiness and I start to feel there is a big issue that hasn’t been looked at or discussed. I know its a crazy thing to say as its taken years and thousands of pairs of eyes scrutinised the separation. I wish I could be more specific but it feels like the UK will be at a disadvantage. Globally, there will be a big forest fire around March time. All I say about this is that it will be in a place with warmish weather. I will see if my guides will speak more on this later. I also kept seeing a plane crash in my mind’s eye. I sense it a private plane or jet, not a public one. It is more about who is in than what type of plane. Strangely I am also taken to the ocean and there is something brewing, in the South Pacific. I am not entirely sure of when it will be realised. I am not being shown exactly how or where right now.

So in summary, it will be a mixed year, there will be lots going on globally with threats of war and violence, I keep feeling there will be an unexpected change of power, I have to be honest I can’t be sure if its the Government or the head of state. There is definitely a shift in power.

2021 is the year of the OX according to the Chinese zodiac. This is the year to work hard, push forward and to be focused. So keep your head down, be disciplined, filter out the noise and keep going.

In Angel cards, the number 5 appears on the Unity card. The message – traditional viewpoints or methods. Spiritual organisations. Seek out, mentors or like-minded friends.
First of all the number five, in general, indicates positive life changes, which will help you in the long run. So what you do this year will define you in the future. It could range from your finances, career or even how you teach your children. There are long term implications for our actions at this time. It is also a time to practise gratitude to manifest more of the good.
With the Angels influence, we will have more guidance where health and well being is concerned, both spiritually and mentally. I do feel more and more people will explore meditation, breathwork and even spirituality.
This resonates greatly with the message of the Unity card – to bring more unity to our very divided society and to seek more like-minded people. I suppose Facebook and social media has made us into friend collectors, gathering dust and negativity. We are ready to bring face to face friendships and establish long term closeness with a select few again.

Whatever that happens our dear ones, I know we are stronger, more resilient and flexible so we’ve got this!

Tell me what have you learned in 2020? What are you looking forward to in 2021?
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