The Great Conjunction: Jupiter & Saturn Alignment

Every 20 years or so, something magical and extraordinary occurs in our skies when Jupiter and Saturn appear closest together in the sky. It is being touted as a great transformation and such, mainly because it occurs in the sign of Aquarius. It is seen as the start of a new era and the Age of the Aquarius. The jury is still out on when it begins while some feel this year, with all the turbulence, isolation and back to basics, is already experiencing the Age of the Aquarius, while others feel the world needs more transformation before it happens.

However because the Great Conjunction tomorrow falls under the influence of Aquarius, many have seen this as a sign that the time is now. Whenever an event takes places under a particular sign, we will often see it influence us from a global to a personal level. Therefore even if it’s not the Age of the Aquarius, there will be plenty of similar themes.

My Guides have been whispering messages that humanity will be going through a huge shift – from within.

We will be looking at very personal themes – life purpose, making a difference and our spirituality.

Aquarius from what I know is about advancement – so in our world, it would be digital, technology and breakthroughs.

Just last night I dreamt that of Eastern European brothers who had created high powered long distance laser-like beams that could be used for military operations. I woke up a little shaken and very concerned. I sent out a prayer that this advancement will be used for the good of mankind.

Aquarius is about harmony, community, innovation, being compassionate and not being afraid to do things differently, with a touch of eccentricity!

2020 has opened our eyes to what is possible. I never thought I would be able to run workshops online! I can only imagine how many would have laughed at that notion in 2019! In fact, I have had requests for online spiritual courses for the last three years by some of my international clients but I was never confident. This year has seen me take my offerings 100% online and by doing so, increased business by leaps and bounds.

I have also connected with friends and family more this year than before as isolation has somehow brought us closer digitally. Perhaps we all took for granted the 400 or 6000 Facebook friends we had and hit “like” instead of sending a card or picking up the phone. After all the sad loses both from Covid and non-Covid deaths, we have had a little wake-up call to be present in the lives of the people we care about. A jolt to remember that life is short and that we are vulnerable.

There is a huge debate about the speed the vaccines are brought to the market compared to previous vaccines or medicines. What is being missed is that we have been shown what is POSSIBLE when money is no object when Governments, authorities and scientists COOPERATE – they can get things done quicker and less red tape.

I do feel there will be similar collaborations in the future for other diseases, and although I can’t pinpoint on exactly what, I can see it involves children.

We have also seen medical and local hero’s. People who put their own safety and comfort aside to help others. I can see more community-based efforts happening, and doing things that can help with other people’s mental health.

In the last couple of years, humanity has been focused on self, the material and presenting that façade of happiness and success. You know what I mean – look what I have, where I am eating, who I am with and where I am right now. The Great Conjunction along with the Full Moon in December will help us reflect on being REAL and speaking the truth – what are your real concerns? What is your current mood?

I have seen some amazing and extraordinary things this year. I have seen total strangers doing things for others without expecting anything in return. I am sure you have too in your local Facebook groups or community groups.

As we plod through the debris of 2020, many of us will spend some time reflecting and processing the goals, plans and aspirations that we set in January. If you were trying to sell your house, you may have started to redecorate and it the process, fallen back in love with your home. Perhaps you had booked in several big holidays but all got cancelled and now have a sizeable sum of money in the bank. Has your feelings about how to spend the money changed? A confirmed singleton who has realised that the one thing missing in life was a partner? Or a super busy person who never had time for things like meditation or nature but now because of isolation is exploring things they dismissed before.

I see two things happening between now and Dec 30. Many of us will experience prophetic dreams either about our own lives or world events. So expect very vivid lucid dreams that will take you all over the place with different themes. WRITE it all down. Look back on what you wrote when things strike you as “sounds familiar” and see the themes in your dreams.

The other thing I see happening is increased spirit activity. We will hear more and more people talk about passed ones visiting, wanting to connect and feeling Spirit. This may come from well-known people and or those you’d never expect to speak on such topics.

I don’t have to tell you there will be a surge of mental health issues next year. We will see meditation, yoga or alternative healing being included as part of the school curriculum to help children to process their emotions.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system therefore its energy will be felt as it aligns with Saturn. This is also the Winter Solstice when we will experience the longest hours of darkness in the year. A time for rebirth and transformation. Both events are powerful and full of revelations therefore providing us with a foundation to work on before the Full Moon on the 30th.

It is also the planet of expansion – of thoughts of what you already have. the same principles in manifesting – more of what you have. So keep your thoughts positive, think about the things you would like more of – happiness, money and so on while Saturn is the great teacher!

I am not surprised that the UK has seen a much stricter lockdown so close to the conjunction as Saturn can push our boundaries and throws the book at us when the energy is amplified.

So what can you do on the 21st that can help or balance the energies?

  • Let Go – resisting change can be a hindrance. For example, Christmas will be different for most of us thing year, so rather than saying, its cancelled, try to find ways to make it work for you. I have seen people yesterday saying they had to reduce the number of people they can have at Christmas, therefore, wanting to donate food to the community. Let go of expectations, and control of situations that you really can’t control right now. Be open and flexible!
  • Do what is right for you. If you feel like lounging in you pyjamas all day and eat chocolate then go ahead. Be kind to yourself!
  • Listen to your intuition – what is your soul trying to tell you? Pay attention to thoughts, dreams and even things that you keep seeing. What is the Universe trying to tell you?
  • Rituals – for me the best thing to do when you have big energy about is to clear the existing energy. I use good quality white Californian sage or frankincense to smudge the house and myself. Always start at the front door and go around the house and come back to where you started. Keep a positive mind as you do this.
  • You can also have a nice warm bath relax the body – sprinkle a tiny bit of turmeric, add some flowers and even a couple of drops of lavender to the bath to balance and energise.

You can read more about the Great Conjunction and where to see it here. I am hoping for a clear sky!