December’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse

New Moon Ritual

The last week has been exceptionally challenging for me, and I gather from responses to posts on my FB page, for a lot of people! I felt like a hermit, and strangely felt the need to withdraw and go into a cocoon of my own emotions, pain, grief and stillness.

Within this, I was reminded of other people’s love and care for me from unexpected kindness to gratitude which helped to pull me back into reality.

I know, you like me needed to heal, embrace and acknowledge the pain or challenges that weigh us down, before we can release it to the New Moon – to begin a new cycle.

Humanity as a whole will feel a sense of optimism with this New Moon, as Sagittarius, an optimist sign that encourages taking a “leap of faith” and to transcend our situation. You may also feel your believes redefined, and sometimes even challenged this month.

If there is an area of your life that you have been avoiding, say for example – relationship, then be prepared for the truth to be revealed to you. It may not be great as we never like facing the truth of a situation, we often try to keep things swept under the carpet but the universe will find a way to push us into taking action. This is because it knows it will be in our highest good, to take a stand, deal with it and move on.

Sagittarius is a very adventurous sign. I should know! I am a Sagi baby! Totally adventurous, having moved countries and taking plenty of leap of faiths, and have this air of being a little reckless to those who are anchored in stability and security.

So if you have sudden urges of “to hell with that” and sign up for a course or deciding on doing something you would have never considered before, – GO with it!

Now let’s talk about the Solar Eclipse. I saw something online saying it was evil and a bad time. Not at all. The energy will feel heavier before (which is why we went through a difficult patch last week) but it will push us to reflect!

Now as we are heading into a new energy season (2021), and with the pandemic, a new level of consciousness, which has redefined our hopes, beliefs and emotions.

I can see it within myself. I went shopping yesterday and with all the huge sale signs all over, it was the best time to indulge. However I physically could not find any pleasure in “want”, because I was only focused on “need”. When I shifted my materialistic self into the energy of “need”, I realised I have everything I need. Yes there were small little things, but not another dress to wear on Christmas that I would wear once or never wear. I realised I had three such dresses.

Apart from a happier bank account from not over spending, I also feel pleasantly surprised and happier that I didn’t come home overloaded with bags of stuff. I have too much stuff, I realised. I need better emotions and experiences I felt.

The Solar Eclipse will cause a bit of a solar flare in the sense that we may have computer and electronics disruptions. This could be at home or at a national level, I wasn’t given more clarity on that. So do be careful with appliances, back up your computers and fix anything that seems to be on its last legs.

I should also mention what my Guides have been downloading to me all week – that Angels and Spirit Guides will be able to come closer to us and be able to do more. However as beings with no free will, they require us to ASK them for help. Call on them through prayer, meditation or just send out a call for help in your mind.

The beloved Sagittarius is an optimistic sign and always believes there is a reason to keep going and always looking for happiness. This is the time to reflect and pick out the good things that have happened, deeds you may have done for others and positive experiences, in order to start putting in the right seeds in for 2021.

This will prepare us for the Jupiter and Saturn Alignment on the 21st, otherwise known as the Great Conjunction. This will be a huge step in transformations and strong new beginnings.

New Moons are a good time to set your intentions to help you start the new beginnings cycle which will be intensified during this month’s full moon.

You can do the ritual below on the 14th or 15th evening.