Last Full of 2020: Emotional Release

December Full Moon in Cancer

Dec 30th 3.28am UK Time ( 11:28 am Malaysia) (Dec 29 – 22:28, New York)

​The last Full Moon of 2020 in the sign of Cancer, bringing us a deeply emotional time that will make us feel like wanting to withdraw and take stock of the year that has past.

We will want to look inwards, try to heal, look for a new perspective to old problems but most of all, honour the emotions you may have tried to keep at bay – grief, pain, sadness, fear or even positivity.

Allow yourself to really feel the raw emotions as the Full Moon energy transforms and energises the areas of your life that requires illumination.

Let the emotions flow and allow yourself to “let go” of what you no longer need in your life. From clutter to a stale friends list, do what you need to do to make yourself feel “lighter” and happier.

Collectively, as humanity trudge past the carnage of what was 2020, we need to have less baggage to haul around the new year, as we inspect the damage, find solutions and deal with the issues that may crop up.

We may find that what made sense in January 2020 may not even be an option in a few days time. What was a priority may be last on your list while what you may have ignored for a long time as not that important will be your main driving force. For example many would have taken our elders for granted, putting career, distance and time on top of the list of excuses. However this year has taught all of us that life is short and the value of family.

Our idea of the material and career will change and this Full Moon will trigger some deep thinking.

Some of you will also feel that people are triggering certain feelings of anger, frustration or disappointment. It can also put you in a “victim mode” where by you feel hard done by others.

Cancer as a sign, will influence your need to feel connected – to family, friends or the community. Listen to your intuition and act accordingly. Don’t push thoughts or feeling aside. Acknowledge and face them to understand why its appearing at this time. If you have a sudden urge to call someone even if you aren’t on the best of terms with them, do it!

Along with the Full Moon rays, this will also bring to light new information or a revelation which may change your stance on situations or people. You may even feel silly for holding a grudge!

Cancer’s planet is the Moon (how appropriate!) and its element is water therefore emotions will be amplified by the Full Moon. Tears, the need to release and let go will be strong. Relationships will also be highlighted at this time. Just remember that people are feeling particularly insecure and very sensitive at this time so keep big discussions for another time.

What is interesting about how the sign influences us is that the sign is associated with the crab or in tarot/Angel cards – the hermit. Time to retreat to our shell, withdraw, keep to ourselves but it can also make us rather moody! Just as well that we won’t be able to attend any parties or gathering this year on New Year’s Eve due to the pandemic. So if you want to go to bed at 10pm or party in your pyjamas – guess what? You Can! No pressure unless you put it on yourself.

I have always felt that the Full Moon particularly is nurturing and always bring us back to SELF – to take care and support ourselves.

The Full Moon’s message is simple – home and SELF. Nurture, and be comfortable with both. The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, to look at making it as comfortable as possible but for many, it has also taught us to feel more “at home” and to find comfort in your space.

Self – your soul/spirit – we need to feel comfortable with ourselves. Less judgement, less pressure and more love.

What to look out for:

  1. Dreams – our intuition is very strong at the moment and some of this may appear in our dreams as signs and symbols. Write down whatever you dream.
  2. Spirits – our Spirit family and friends will be visiting us this week. Write down what you remember and look at what they show you or say to you. What messages are they trying to convey?
  3. Angel lights – As spirit activity is high right now, some of us may even be sensing or seeing Angels in the form of little lights around the corner of our eyes. When you sense this just say a prayer or ask your Angels for help and guidance.
  4. Release your emotions – if you have been feeling very choked and can’t process your feelings – create space and time. Sit in a room with just one light or candlelight. Light some incense or sage. Leave some tissue next to you. Sit comfortably and listen to this beautifully calming chant – Allow yourself to cry if you feel like it. Let go and be free.

My complete guide to moon rituals is available here.