Pause. Reflect. Learn.

I know you have probably heard about the 2022 joke by now. When you say it out loud, it sounds like 2020 TOO! We are all looking to the END of this nightmare and for “things to go back to normal”. The problem is that life simply cannot go back to normal after such a massive event.

How can life go back to normal when you lost someone so dear to you? Some people lost several members of their family to Covid in a short time. I know some who lost their jobs and homes after being financially hit by the pandemic. Life has changed completely for them – can it snap back to the old life because the numbers of people dying from the pandemic has dropped? Absolutely not. Life goes on but in a different way. Some of us have adapted, changed and become more flexible.

Along the way we may have learned a new skill, changed our minds about lots of different things, started a new business or even found love. A number of my friends got pets including myself and this means a new sense of responsibility and a change in lifestyle. I use to love travelling and by now would have booked a trip abroad (Jan sales) but I cannot imagine leaving my budgie, Bodhi for more than a few hours. My new normal is spending time with my pet and love being at home and I absolutely love it!

So take your lessons into 2022 and see how you can transform your life.

What I learned in 2020-2021 is that even if there is chaos on the outside, you still have the power within you. Life will only beat you if you let it. Challenges are there to do exactly that – to challenge! I have seen people overcome so life changing difficulties to come out stronger and better that it always inspires me to fight when faced with a struggle.

I said this in my guidance in 2018 and it is still so relevant – “The thing is, the New Year is LIFE. There are some things is in your control and others, that are not. You cannot control who will die, who will have a terminal illness, how your company is run and how that will affect your employment nor can you stop yourself from feeling unhappy.

You can however try to be kind to yourself so that will start a circle of good things around you, deal with situations better, go see the doctor if you feel ill and prevent a bigger illness, take care of yourself, attract the right people, and do more of happy. You can stop going into one relationship to the other, you can set aside time to study or improve your skills, spend time with people you love, plan things and be in control of what you can achieve in your life.

Spend the next couple of days you have off journaling and writing down things that you can use to shape your 2022.

1. Learn from the Bad stuff

The problem with wishing away the year is that we miss out on the lessons or the positives that could push us forward in the new year. There are so many good things that have happened, bad stuff also have good things in them and lessons to be learned. Remember in the darkness there is always light, we just have to find it. What did you learn from that experience? Did you find that you were a lot stronger than you thought? Were you able to stand up for yourself in a positive away? Draw two columns in a note book or sheet. Mark one, “Situation” and the other “Lessons”. You can also add another two column to indicate date/time and another for “Positive/Negative”. Now write down as clearly and succinctly as possible what happened and the in lessons, think of how you overcame, reacted or learned from the situation. There is no right or wrong answers, this is about YOU and how it affected you. If you decided on the positive/negative then indicate what the outcome for you was. You can list as many or as little as you want. Once you have finished, take a look, read through and see how your words make you feel and look at how many positives or negatives occurred. This is a great exercise as if you encounter similar or recurring situations in 2022. You can go back and see the pattern forming and you will have another revelation or learning to uncover. This music so relaxing and really helps to put you in a very tingly, mindful and calm zone

2. Letting Go – This is simply to put on paper, the things you feel you need to “let go” off – emotions, attitudes or habits that you feel stops you from going forward

3. Gratitude Jar – this is a good time to open your jar and start reading the good stuff that happened over the year. If you don’t have one, then start a new one for 2022. Get an old large jar and decorate it as you will. Write down your day or week’s highlight into the jar as often as you can. Open up and read around this time next year.

4. Write down five things you want to see happen in 2022. This is about YOU so leave out your children, partner or friends. Just about what you want and need.

5. What do you want to transform this year? Is there a part of you that needs transformation? If there is ONE thing that the Universe could do for you, what would that be? Emotion, relationship, career, health, mental clarity, money….etc

6. Find a moment between now and NYE to meditate. I love this piece for meditation at the moment. It makes my body relax but also create a very beautiful space around me. Create a space and time for yourself so you won’t be disturbed. Leave your notebook or a sheet of paper next to you with a pen. You can do this for 10mins or an hour, totally up to you. Make yourself comfortable and put on the music. Close your eyes and breathe in and out a few times until you feel your body relaxing. Focus only on the chant and let your mind drift to the words. Now set an intention to relax and to feel positive. Write down any thoughts, ideas or words that come to you when you open your eyes. Read through later and think of what it means to you.

7. New Year Smudging & Energy Clearance

Clear the energy by smudging the house with sage. I prefer white Californian sage but you can use frankincense or just a bunch of your favourite incense.  Put on this Mahalakshmi Gaytri Mantra as you do this this chant is calling on Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth to come grace you with good fortune. Start the north most area of the house or flat and work around clockwise with the sage, focusing only on your 3rd eye and putting out an intention to clear the energy and for good stuff in 2022. Try not to be distracted and try to keep positive. When you get back where you started, put your palms together and welcome Lakshmi to your house. You can also ask Archangel Michael or any of your preferred deity instead of Lakshmi. Guide to Smudging

8. Vision-board – create your vision-board with images or words that resonate with you in terms of what you want to achieve in 2022.

I hope this has offered you a positive and uplifting start to the New Year.  Please do share this with friends and family so they can get a great start too!

So now that we have looked at all the things you should do, let’s look at what to avoid!

What not to do on New Year’s Day:

  • Try not to clean the house on Jan 1 – my mother always says its bad luck to clean the house — its like wiping the good luck away!
  • Avoid spending money – again my mother says you will be spending money all year. So the more money you can keep in your wallet today, the better for you financially.
  • Keep communication positive. Avoid difficult topics, arguments or negativity.

Happy New Year!

I hope 2022 brings you abundance in every way – love, prosperity, luck and peace. May it also bring you closer to your soul purpose 

Please let me know if you found this useful x I love feedback x