New Moon Ritual

New Moons bring a fresh perspective and new beginnings. It is also very intuitive time therefore a good idea to keep a journal for dreams and messages in the form of thoughts and signs.

In order to welcome new beginnings and fresh energy, I always recommend smudging the home and also your aura with sage or frankincense.

Keep your thoughts positive and try to focus on “more of what you want” rather than what you “lack”

Top tips:

  1. The best thing you can do as part of your new moon ritual is to meditate. This does not have to be a complex affair. Meditation can be as simple as creating time and space to be alone, a calm space which can be energised with some sage or incense burning, and even with some candles. Soft soothing music can be very relaxing. You can sit and just be to the point of sleeping. That is absolutely fine. I personally love this 20min aura cleansing music which is so calming and energising. Close your eyes with your palms facing up on your thighs. Relax your shoulders and your back. Just breathe in and out slowly. If you feel distracted or thoughts flood in, don’t work too hard to chase them away. Imagine a clothes line infront of you and place each thought or image on a piece of cloth and let it go from left to right and way from your mind.

2. Spend time in nature to ground yourself. Stand barefoot on the ground with your eyes closed and imagine energy from mother nature seeping into your feet and enter your body. You can sit by a body of water and just let yourself be.

3. Set your intention before sleeping. Spend a moment before you fall asleep to connect with your soul by placing your hand on your heart and saying “My soul, my heart, my centre – tell me what I need to know now”. Remember to write down whatever you remember the moment you wake up!

Happy New Moon!

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