Message for the Inner Goddess

I was designing the poster for one of my events for 2016 which was all about using the creative process to bring out the inner goddess in us when one of my guides told me to go grab some pastels. I initially questioned this as I was not feeling very arty at that time as I was grappling with the software to create the poster at that time. Anyway who am I to question them so off I went to find my pastels and paper. It then it hit straight on what was happening. I was struggling to find a template or image to really bring the workshop to life. But there was nothing that was catching my eye and actually that was the core of my frustration. They cleverly guided me to make my own image! It is such a tailored and special day that any old image wasn’t going to do. Anyways I was guided to pick the red and swirls appeared and it just flowed colour by colour. and then the words appeared. The name of the workshop is “I Am Beautiful” and the words resonated with all the things that the participants will want to feel and the emotional freedom they will enjoy from expressing and tuning into their inner Goddess.

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