We will walk together, We will heal

Today is a heavy day for everyone who was directly and indirectly affected by the 7/7 bombings in London. Just like 911, regardless of whether you lost someone or were there, tears were shed and hearts were broken. It is the act of terror, the pain of innocent lives being taken in a pointless and violent manner that brings us to our knees. The fact that another human being decide to take so many lives in one cold action is unfathomable. Every single life in this planet and any others that exist, in whatever shape or form is important. The annoying neighbour, the dog that won’t stop barking to the pleasant lady at the post office – they all matter. Couples who spend thousands of money and tears to have a baby through IVF know the value of life. They spend days, months and years hoping and clinging on desperately for hope for a new life that will bring so much joy and love into their lives. Doctors and frontline medical personnel know the value of human life. They dedicate their lives to save people and they know how fragile it is. The family who have lost someone will tell how hard it is to not have that person around anymore. One moment they are saying goodbye and have a nice day and the next they waiting to be buried. Then the grave, the ashes, the memories and then the pain of letting go. You go through the motions and you try to reconcile this phase in your relationship with that person. You start to think about your own mortality and what your loved ones will feel when you are no longer there.

Terrorist do not value life. That is all we need to know. There is no other explanation that can bring any form of clarity over senseless killing in the name of a person, religion, political belief, culture or conflict.

While we look at the sadness and heart-breaking stories that is appearing on our news feeds, let us also focus more on the bravery and the astounding stories of hope that have emerged from this tragedy.

Let us now heal.  Release those who suffered and lost their lives to the light. Let them be free to heal our world. And send love to the 700 or so who have spent the last 10 years rebuilding their lives. Give them courage to get past their fears and live their life. Send comfort to those who hold on to guilt for the “should and should haves”.

And finally, send love to the men and women who worked tirelessly to rescue the victims and to bring London back up on its feet again.

I would like to leave you with the inspirational piece in the Daily Mail today. We will never forget.