The Learning Never Stops

Our Spirit Guides and contacts are highly intelligent and all knowing. This is something light workers will understand as they progress on their spiritual path. Spiritual development is not always about deepening your gifts but also expanding your knowledge within the spiritual realms. You cannot just read or attend lectures about the spiritual world – you have to experience and strengthen your relationship with spirit.

I have learned so much since that amazing day , almost 33 years ago when I first saw spirit. I didn’t know what I was experiencing and I heard all sort of stories and myths about the spirit world that I was incredibly scared of my gifts. Like most natural mediums, I was terrified and rejected my abilities and unfortunately the more your resist, the harder it gets to shake it off. I have spent many years trying to understand them and separate the real from the negative.

I am so grateful to my father who has been the driving force behind my development since he passed.  I still remember the day he came through finally via my friend and wonderful Medium, Christine in Edinburgh. The day I met this beautiful woman was already special but the fact that she managed to channel my father for the very first time since he passed in 2005 was simply fantastic.

My father was a very particular and fussy man. He choose his friends well and he had a very distinctive taste in everything from his food (which led to numerous arguments with my mother who was a brilliant cook but couldn’t please my dad) to the creases in his trousers. He was very disapproving of people and when he liked someone, he was very passionate about the connection. Therefore it was sheer torture for me as I went to see different mediums and psychics over the years to connect with him. He wouldn’t come forward and I was hugely frustrated that I wasn’t able to channel him either. I questioned my own abilities as I could often sense and see him but never communicate with him.

I later came to realise that as he told Christine at that development weekend, that he was happy that I finally did something about my spirituality.  “I worked so hard to get you here! He said to Christine.  “Here” was the intense Mediumship course led by Tony Stockwell and James Van Praagh that Christine and I were at.

It was there that I had validation, understood the meaning of everything that occurred and most of all the reason why I struggled to communicate with my father. If he had come through straight away……would I have gone in search of my truth? They said that unless you truly experience hunger, you will never appreciate food. I had a fire in my belly. I wanted desperately to understand my gift and along the way, become closer to my father in Spirit.

My father started appearing in my mind’s eye soon after this course. He interacted with me and offered me guidance. This is how he led me to Arthur Findlay Spiritual College. I was hesitating about finances and the time out but he was in my dreams every night, sitting with me at the dining table and talking for what seemed like hours. I would wake up not remembering every word but just a sentence or a sense of knowing what was discussed.

Christine and another talented Medium, mentioned the college to me and it sort of stuck in my mind.I found a course that resonated with me but I was worried about the cost and the time – 7 days away!

I woke up on the Friday morning before the course with these words on my lips….” Arthur Findlay Collage….GO”  after a long dream with my father. I remember in the dream he was drinking his favourite whisky on the rocks and was trying to convince me to do something. I stopped for a minute to think if this was me trying to convince myself to do it or really a sign from my father. I asked him clearly if he wanted me to go and I got an answer. I had a clear sense of knowing that I have to do this!

I picked up the phone and there was ONE last spot because someone cancelled! The lady at reception said I was really lucky as the course had been fully booked until the night before when someone from abroad called to cancel. I knew my father had a hand in this!

He knew the course would propel me into a different direction and allow me to follow my destiny and my life purpose. I couldn’t be happier and although I only started working as a medium only recently, the good reputation and recommendations I receive is based on ethics, wanting to work for the highest good and more importantly – genuinely wanting to help people.

I know my journey has only started and there is so much more for me to understand, learn and share. I have two amazing courses this year and I can’t wait!

Please feel free to leave feedback or questions about anything related to the spirit world and mediumship.