April’s SUPER Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio which will be a big one for us sensitive souls. If you have had a sense of “what is the point? Or feeling very uneasy the last couple of days then the energy is certainly affecting you. Scorpio brings focus on personal relationships and unapologetically honest so flaws and difficult issues that you have been trying to avoid will come to light. As hard as thing will feel, the goal is to bring harmony and to clear your burden. If there is an imbalance in your relationship which has not been discussed, then conversations will be coming up to address this and to clear the air. It may be that you have been feeling uneasy with your role in the relationship or how you are being treated. Scorpio will trigger discussions and maybe even an outburst will help clear the air and allow you or your partner to express their inner thoughts. The reason for this my dear one is that you need the support and appreciation right now. Issues illuminated by the Full Moon will have a transformational effect. There is a deep desire to change some aspect of our lives. Perhaps you made a decision recently driven by ego and regretted it but don’t know how to reinstate things. Your ego may be telling you, it is not possible to “go back” but it is. Just be honest and open, people will understand. Change, transformation or a refresh is required now especially if you feel a little blocked or in a rut. Use this energy to help you uncover what the challenges are to creating the life you so deeply wish for right now. Pluto is also retrograding tomorrow which means there is a lot of complicated and unprocessed energy hanging about. It also reminds us how we use our power to make a difference – whether it is at home or in the world. It could be from speaking up for a particular group on social media or to voice your concerns at home. This is also a Super Pink Full Moon, the first of two supermoons this year, the next being in May. Supermoons are generally bigger and brighter. The reason why it is called a pink moon is according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, it may be attributed to the springtime wildflowers in North America which were sometimes called “moss pink” Although the full moon peaks tonight and tomorrow evening, you would have started tuning into it a few days ago. Symptoms: feeling unsettled, feel like you need to do something but don’t have the courage, most being in the victim mode, powerless feeling, frustration, rising anger and sleeplessness. Loads of tears and feeling generally unloved and unhappy. You want to move forward but you feel like you are attached to a massive truck so that each time you step forward, you get snapped back into the past. Sometimes you have to be like a hermit to step back and process what is going on. If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. But if something feels right but you are coming up with a million excuses not to do something then question that too. Empaths and those who work spiritually will find this full moon very strongly. Tune in and connect to the energies. Stop resisting everything and try to process why certain things are cropping up over and over again. The energy right now is sitting very heavily on the heart chakra which is associated with rose quartz crystal.

I have recorded a special exercise for you all to do tonight or tomorrow evening.


1. Smudge a piece of rose quartz with some sage smoke to clear the energy

2. Lay down in bed and listen to this heart chakra have made especially for this full moon –

3. Re-energise your crystal by smudging it again and then cleansing in the full moonlight by doing the Full Moon ritual below.

Elevate your manifesting ability by doing the full moon ritual between April 26 – 28th evening –


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