Full Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse Bumper Edition Guide

There is a buzz word right now – “longest lunar eclipse” spreading across social media, some invoking fear and others useful amongst the sea of vagueness. While the thought of darkness taking over the light makes me think of old folklore associated with lunar eclipses . I am feeling the energy at the moment and it is POSITIVE and transformational.

It is natural for people to assume the worst when there is darkness. People see the light was pure, reassuring and clarity while darkness arouses suspicion because you can’t see what is ahead of you. Consider this though, sometimes you have to walk through the dark to find the light. Your senses are heightened in the dark because you have to rely on your sense of feeling, touch and trust your intuition to guide you to the light. The brightness of the light can make us a bit lazy and also mislead us into false comfort. We trust our sense of seeing so much so we forget to see beyond the visual. Hence the darkness is thrust upon us to force us to see the full picture.

So rather than fearing and believing the worst, try to embrace and understand the energy so you too can see the full picture.

I’d like to take you on that journey and help you do just that! It is a long read but comprehensive and I trust you will find it useful.

This is what you need to know – there are important changes taking place right now. From weather pattern, politics to significant areas of your life. People are being pushed forward spiritually and more doors are opening.  

Original painting by Angela Mitchell

The full moon and lunar eclipse on Friday, July 27th 2018 is important because it is the LONGEST lunar eclipse of this century. It will be for 1 hour and 23mins and visible to most parts of the world.

You can check what time it will occur where you are hereThe Full Moon is called a Blood Moon due to the reddish colour caused the light reflected by the earth’s atmosphere. This is a monumental revelation for all of us to realise how strong we are and time for a breakthrough. For those who have been working hard towards a goal and finding it difficult to keep on the path, you will be rewarded. You will see help coming through in ways you didn’t think possible. Keep the faith and hang in there!

The next two weeks will show you of what you CAN achieve. Things that felt sticky in March/May time will feel lighter and solutions will come to you.

The Universe is literally drawing a line under some of the stress and difficultly, transform and reset the energy within us. Some of us will be facing belief patterns or habits that need to be transmuted.

We will be asked to work from a clean slate after this weekend, so we can see things differently, with clarity and less emotional baggage.

The energy, heavy it may be, is actually very cleansing and also, in some ways exciting.

The combination of the Mercury Retrograde, Blood Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse has a profound effect on the planet. The weather pattern which is sensitive to full moons and eclipses, is causing fires, damage, floods and in some cases, death. The Ascended Masters who I channel as I write this, are calling this a “wake up call” because finally the world will see what global warming will feel like. In 20 years or more, the world will face a crisis like no other.  The countries with four seasons will have a tropical weather and most of Asia will experience snow and milder temperatures forcing a change in culture and lifestyle. There will also serious talks on fuel alternatives and existing practises which may be causing issues to Earth’s inner layers.

Just like patterns emerge in our lives close to energy boosting days like full moon and eclipses, this also happens with the weather and also political patterns to force decision makers face up to the truth. It also allows those who have been trying to bring this issues to their attention, to finally be believed.

There are six planets in retrograde and there is a strong universal energy to make changes in the way we are governed. It is also a time for secrets to be uncovered and brought into the light.

While this means people from the past suddenly getting in touch or appearing in our lives, behaviour patterns in the spotlight for you to acknowledge and release it could also bring certain spoken words or whispers to light. This may end a friendship or encourage you to move away from a social circle you had been dependent on. You could see it as a bad thing but you may have already felt disenfranchised for some time but ignoring the signs. If you are evolving as a person, perhaps through your interest or life situation then you must seek like-minded individuals. I see this a lot with people who are developing spiritually, who no longer have anything in common with their old buddies but cling on not wanting to face facts. People need to leave your space at a certain time to make way for the new. Don’t be discouraged or upset. Acknowledge and let go. Resistance and anger creates a culture of drama and a pattern that will take ages to break.

We need to find people who are vibrating with people on the same frequency with us, be it spiritual or not.

Globally, the Universe is going to shine a light on secrets and manipulation. The behaviours and old ways of working including structure will no longer serve us. People power is going to be the way forward. Mars and Mercury’s influence will bring on rebellion and focus on the heart energy.

The Anahata in its original Sanskrit name encourages compassion, love and integration. This is the balance of the heart and the mind, the need to be part of something, to belong and to be loved. When this fourth chakra is imbalanced then all sorts of patterns emerge – fear, loathing, feeling isolated and disengaged. The heart chakra is a balance of our ambition and our soul’s purpose.

The world is now led by ambition and self. The Divine with the help of the Spiritual world are working hard to shift to focus to the heart. We face aggression in every form and the world in general has become impatient, intolerant and negative. Leaders in place have reverted to EGO and SELF and the greater good has been overshadowed. We are being called into service to help make the chances so that there is less of an “I” and more of a “We”.

This is a dangerous time for the world as there are three leaders who are blood hungry and pursuing a bigger war.  Aggression and knee jerk reactions will not serve the world, in fact it will stunt our evolution as people.

The energy and power will shift back to the people.  A revolution is being planned, something like the #meetoo campaign but bigger and stronger. This will challenge governments and unite people around the world. It will however take a tragedy to achieve this. There will be a huge surge of emotions and people will be expressing their views on social media as well as on the streets.

Mars energy brings compassion and changes to humanity to work together. This is a chance for the world and the leaders to find new ways of solving old problems peacefully.

Channelled words  ”There will be no us and them. It is only be US. University anger. People seeking answers to questions. Hidden agendas will be revealed. There will be another data breach that will reveal serious links between USA and another country – implicating UK”  (For some reason I kept getting drawn to a Spanish speaking country)

“A breakthrough in how they treat Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. A revelation on something that has been locked away will shock people to the core”

How it will affect you:

  1. Aches and pains – it is not unusually to have a few scrapes here and there around this time of the month. Our heads become a bit cloudy with the energy and we can get distracted. Some of them might even be a reminder to pay attention to details and stop trying to do everything at one go! Aching necks and shoulders is a sign of your own resistance to change. This is good but try to understand what your body is saying to you. Is it a change of behaviour, habit or patterns?
  2. The energy is helping you discover your own power in a situation or relationship. Stop and consider what comes your way the next two weeks. Understand why it is happening and see with clear eyes, your initial reaction and change it.
  3. Face the things you would rather sweep under the carpet. This will help with the “let go” process and make way for new sense of self-worth.
  4. We will be shown what our impact on people around us and our community – is it good or bad? Do you change or stay the way it is?
  5. Your emotional health – are you feeling safe, intimidated or strong? Are you a victim or an aggressor?
  6. Mercury Retrogrades throws communication into chaos, while it brings frustration, misunderstandings and even anger, it can also help us understand where we are going wrong.
  7. The key thing to remember is that the energy will affect individuals differently. We are all at different stages of evolution and awareness. Some will see it as positive and others will be shaking with fear. So expect some dramas especially those who are very insecure. Just remember you do not have to be involved. Step away as your patience will be tested and people around you will go out of their way to be abrasive. Patience will allow you to see the full picture.

Three things you MUST do before the weekend:

  • Smudge the house with sage or incense.
  • Charge your crystals by putting them in a clear glass bowl and leaving them on your window ledge or outside in the garden.
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Lunar Eclipse – Mother Nature at her best

Gorgeous gorgeous mother nature at her best! Hot cocoa with my husband in the cold to see the amazing lunar eclipse. I need to get some telephoto lenses for my nikon as my 200mm struggled to get anything significant. Decided to live the moment instead of fiddling with my DSLR. The sky was sparkly around the moon with a thousand million stars shinning bright and clear. I have always been captivated by the stars. So many different constellations on show this morning. If I wasn’t so tired I would have counted and named them. The energy and beauty of the moon was unbelievable. I felt the Spirit elders around and structures being changed. What a thoroughly beautiful and inspiring morning.

I’ve done my crystals and intention list. Now its up to the universe.

Gorgeous shot of the blood moon lunar eclipse with some stars thrown in for good measure

DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0032

The Blood Moon – End of a Cycle or the Beginning of a new Awareness?

I have been thinking about what to say about the Bloodmoon all day. I didn’t know what I needed to say but after working all day doing readings, working with people energetically and I am more settled into tapping into the amazing energy tonight.

With Durga, mother, protector, creator, and goddess, mantra in my heart and soul….. inspired writing has taken over: You can read about the astrological and scientific reasoning in all the different websites and media outlets but this is not a factual post, the following is messages channeled to me right now.

The TETRAD of Total Lunar Eclipses completes its intense cycle tonight and tomorrow,. It has been an overwhelming and energetic time for many of us. It has been a time of changes, shifts, some of us have been pushed to the edge and are facing our truth. Old belief systems are going out of the window. I have seen many people face with relationship issues in the first and second lunar eclipses alone. They were already coming to the realisation that things had to change in the relationship but lacked the courage to take action to make the necessary changes. And suddenly either the decision was taken out of their hands or they acquired a new sense of clarity for the extra push. So not all changes are bad. Change is in fact good and sometimes required. You will be need to alter your thought process to allow your spirit to provide you with the clarity to transform your life.  If you let your spirit work – the clouds will lift and the mist will dissipate. This is the time to embrace new beginnings, change and let the Universe help you!

The world is going through a huge shift. There will be more and more changes to our environment, which are taking place as we speak. I feel there will be faults in the ocean that will make us more vulnerable. There is also a number of stories in the Media about Mars and truth about what lifeforms or activity exists or existed. Nature is taking charge and setting the record straight. Our connection to the universe and the truth of our very existence is gaining momentum.I just feel the world is straining an bursting at the seams. How will it cope? Is there a solution or will it have to get worse before it gets better? It is not clear to me just yet how it will pan out.

More and more people will open up to spirituality, even the skeptics as they will experience life lessons which will make them question their attitude towards the spiritual world.

We need to shed our old skin, the layers of self-imposed conviction that we have to act, behave or respond in a certain way. Even as I write this, I can feel this words resonate strongly in my body. I felt the shift a while ago and watching Dr Wayne Dyer’s film brought it all up for me. There is no doubt that he had a mission to accomplish and his passing has brought a large number of people to a different level of consciousness though the remembrance of his work.

The have felt the energy changes in my spiritual work, my connection to the spirit world and the unlocking of some new gifts and the polishing of existing ones. I am starting to truly appreciate my purpose and celebrating who I am and what I stand for. There have been people put in my way to remind me of all this and a few to reveal some of the new things coming my way. It seems appropriate that I will be going through another intensive advanced training session to refine my development.

If you have a moment tonight before you go to sleep – create your Intention List. Put on there everything you would like from the universe, sort of your wishlist. Make it positive and also put in your gratitude for what you have.

For example:

I am grateful for the continued health and wellness of my husband, my children and myself.

You are firstly, saying thank you and asking for it to continue.

Instead of:

I asked so many times but never happens so why bother but……I want more money!

Would you continue help someone who is arrogant, spiteful, demanding, negative, ungrateful or rude?  Not many people would! Be careful of how you word it!

Go out and look at the moon. Doesn’t matter if it hasn’t fully turned into a Blood Moon. Ask for help, guidance and feel the energy from the moon’s healing light.

Burn the wish list whilst asking for the universe to help bring them to you. Leave your crystals out in the garden, under cling film if you can to charge them. Otherwise just leave them on a window that will get the full light of the moon.

Pay attention to the messages that come through your dreams tonight. Keep your eyes closed when you wake up in the morning and focus on what your last thoughts are and the dreams. Write them down the moment you open your eyes. This will be a huge help if you are meant to receive a message, a solution or a new direction.

Absolutely no idea where all of this is coming from and why I had to write this but I know this had to be said.

Have a lovely evening and I wish you all the most wonderful night. Please do share your experiences tomorrow. I love to hear from you all.

Angela Mitchell

The Astrology of the Blood Moon Eclipse September 2015