Five ways to connect with Spirit this All Soul’s Day

I am sure you have heard the term “thinning of the veil” a lot in the last week. My inbox is full of emails with this in the subject line. I do find the word “veil” rather funny as it makes one think of Spirits hiding behind a curtain or veil!

Halloween or All Hallows Eve actually marks the thinning of the so called “veil” allowing our loved ones in Spirit to to be alongside the living. In some cultures, a place would be set at the table to invite them to a meal.

Often overlooked, All Soul’s Day which falls on Nov 2nd, or in Mexico known as – Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is the day when we feel their presence strongest. Day of the Dead is a celebration of the dead, with feasts, prayer and parades. This coincides with the Catholic All Saint’s Day on Nov 1st.

The veil starts to thin on Oct 31st and starts to diminish by Nov 3rd onwards.

Let’s talk about this “veil” My experience as a Medium with communicating with Spirits (and Guides), has taught me a lot about the Spirit World.

Spirit world is parallel with ours. We are taught to think of the afterlife as being in two different places – heaven and hell. I have no doubts there are different dimensions within the spirit world where souls are given an opportunity to learn, grow and heal however I don’t think I am alone in feeling that they are much closer to us than we think!

I have always felt the Spirit world is around us, separated perhaps with something as thick as glass. So they can hear and see us like we do sometimes but not all the time.

Occasionally this space in between becomes thin enough for Spirits to step through and make contact. A medium is able to see, hear and sense them enough to be able to pass on a message, share a memory and provide information about them.

Special occasions such as death anniversary, birthdays, and celebrations or when someone is calling for them, allows Spirit to step closer to us without the help of a Medium.

What is special about All Soul’s Day, All Hallows Eve and Samhain is that it allows ALL Spirit to move through the between space and into our energy field. So you can understand why the energy feels a little intense! Imagine being in an elevator full of people! It would feel a little congested wouldn’t it?

Now the thing to remember is that not all Spirits have the ability to communicate with us humans. We assume that once we are in Spirit that it would be natural to be able to speak to humans. Just like with humans, only some have the ability and others need a little training to tune in.

This is why people who encounter Spirit in their home experience different types of activities. For example some may actually see Spirit, other may hear voices, smells, things thrown, feel them, temperature changes, things moved around etc.

It is a combination of what the living is able to do (which Clair is active) and the Spirit’s own abilities e.g. knowing how to manifest, clairaudient, and any physical abilities to be able to move or touch items.

So what can we do to connect/communicate with our loved ones?  What can you do to welcome them?

A sweet offering for my mother who I lost in May 2020

Here is a list of rituals and things that can help you connect with our loved ones in Spirit:

Altar/ Offering

  • Create a temporary altar. You can use a side cabinet, table or corner. Cover it with a nice clean cloth if you like. Place your loved ones photos, candles and fairy lights if you’d like. I like to put some flowers in a vase next to them. An offering – I love to leave sweets for my parents usually from a variety box from an Asian shop in my town. You can put in regular shop sweets or make something at home. You can offer anything that you can eat afterwards but I would stay away from meat. Sweets particular have another meaning – Spirit offering you sweet blessings!
  • You can also leave a drink out for them! My dad loved whiskey so I make his drink – whiskey with a splash of water and one ice in his special glass. (I only use the glass for this purpose). My husband drinks it afterwards.
  • Light your candle, and light some incense if you have any. Put music on either one that reminds you of them or something relaxing. Close your eyes and sit close to the altar. Speak to your loved one in Spirit. Welcome them in your mind, to enter your space, to enjoy the sweets and to say hello. You can even ask them to make you feel their presence. You may find your body reacting to energy – goosebumps, feeling very emotional, a heaviness on the shoulder (as if someone put their hand on your shoulder) or just sense them.


  • You can simply light a candle infront of their photo and close your eyes and breathe in and out. Speak to them, ask them to make you feel their presence, to show you a sign.

Meditation/Energy Clearance

  • Another thing I do and something my mother used to tell me to do is to sage the house. In the early days we used frankincense to clear the energy. The use of Frankincense goes back to ancient Egyptians to India where it has been used since 3,600 BC. It is also used in Churches and part of most religions around the world. I always loved the scent and the smokiness. I also love sage but only Californian White Sage which has a very unique and cleansing feel to it.  Smudge the house with either, start from the front door to the around the house and back. You can put on some meditation/relaxing music as you do this (I have listed some of my favourites below).

Create time and space to sit quietly in meditation. Find a comfortable spot and sit down or lay down. Breathe in and out until you feel your body relax. Set your intention – ask your loved ones to come and join you. Ask them to allow you to feel their presence. Have some tissue next to you. I always cry when I do this!

Making Connections – Objects

  • Follow the meditation/energy clearance above to clear the energy and to settle into meditation. Alternatively you can just jump straight into the meditation guide. Have something of your loved ones – a watch, jewellery, clothing, toy, ornament, or even glasses close to you. Anything that would have their energy in it.  Leave some pen and paper next to you. As you set your intentions, hold the item in your hands and really feel the energy as you say your words. Visualise their smiling faces infront of you. Feel the palms of your hands that are holding the item. Feel how the energy from the item is blending with your energy. Just sit in this beautiful space – embrace any energy changes, any feelings that bubble up. You may be taken back to a memory of a time shared – acknowledge and see what they want you to see. Feel their presence. Talk to them. Keep breathing and just allow yourself to experience. Write down anything you felt, saw, sensed or heard during this time.


  • It is customary for Christians particularly to visit the graves of their loved ones on All Soul’s Day. I suppose you don’t have to be one to do this. Go ahead with flowers and candles if you are allowed to (I know some cemeteries have very strict rules on what can be placed on a grave).

The other way to honour and remember our loved ones is to make connections with our family. From my years of doing mediumship readings, all Spirit really want is their loved ones to be happy and the family to thrive. Heal any rifts, speak to each other and about your loved ones. I know I always feel my father very close when I start talking about him. Probably to make sure I get it right 😉

But in all honesty, do whatever that feels right for you and what is within your ability. Spirit don’t judge and they only want to communicate and reach out to us to because they miss us as much as we miss them.

Suggested music:

Do share your own rituals and traditions via the comment function or on Facebook. I love to hear from you!