The New Moon on July 19th: Bold decisions and Balance

The New Moon on July 19th: Bold decisions and Balance

You would have seen the bright, sparkly and powerful moon last night if you looked up at the sky. The light radiating from it was strong, vibrant and crystal clear. I felt a sense of calm and also hope reach me through the air and into my body.

For most of us, the dust is just settling and we are making sense of the aftermath of events that occurred  the last full moon. There is more clarity coming our way and with the male energy that comes with it, the new moon will empower us to be more assertive. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself making bold decisions and walking just a little more taller than normal. The energy of this past year has been building your confidence and now is the time to shine.

Put your best feet forward and make plans. Believe that it will happen and trust yourself to take the appropriate actions to realise it. You will also feel your sacral chakra more active than normal.  Your Sacral chakra is in your lower abdomen, just below your naval. This is your second chakra and an important one as it controls the flow of energy and is essentially your “core”.  Each chakra has its dowsacral-chakran special sound and we are lucky that the pioneers of yoga and meditation in India have made so much information available for us in this generation to tap into. Here is a fantastic free sacral chakra VAM chant meditation. My favourite person DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal who shares so much freely on the Internet, with the intention of helping people, explains it and chants it perfectly. Please set aside some time this week to sit in meditation.

Meditating to clear and and balance your Sacral Chakra 

Create a sacred space by burning incense, light a candle or if you have one, a Himalayan Salt lamp or tea light. Try to do this when you are alone and can be undisturbed for at least 15 – 30mins. The best way to really feel this mantra is to listen to it on your earphones as you can really connect with vibration of the chant. Place a crystal in your dominant hand. The best crystals to meditate to energise your sacral chakra is  amber, carnelian, citrine or orange calcite but if you don’t have any of those mentioned, just pick one that is orange or golden in colour.  Cleanse it first by smudging it or with some incense. You will be thirsty when you finish the meditation so keep a glass of water next to you. Watch out for subtle messages or signs in your dreams that night. Always keep a notebook next to your bed so you can write it all down when you wake up.

Trust me, this is powerful, amazing and beautiful! If you have sudden urges to empty your bladder then do not fear as your body is cleansing and releasing. Please ensure you drink plenty of water. Lemon water in the mornings is great for the digestive system and for health. Obviously take care if its a symptom of a medical condition and check with your doctor if it continues for more than a week. This chakra is important for your brain’s well being in a way. It helps you with your ideas, starting new projects and also with creative endeavours. It also helps you balance your emotions and encourages healthy relationships with people around you.  sage

So the full moon appears in our skies tomorrow night at 11:57pm. If you can do it, please smudge your house and do your full moon ritual and then meditate. If you want to learn more about how to manifest and my moon rituals then don’t forget to sign up to my workshop in September.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and learning more about tomorrow’s moon. Please feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch if you have feedback or questions.


Teaching and learning never ends

Teaching and learning never ends

I have the privilege of teaching another group of wonderful people who were looking to learn more about their spiritual experiences. My Psychic and Mediumship classes are aimed at real beginners who haven’t yet explored the what, why and how’s of their gifts. I’ve done a number of these workshops now but I am not the most confident person around so I do get a little nervous. But yesterday I asked spirit to help me overcome my fear and just let me flow with it. And boy did they help! The feedback from the participants made me cry! In a good way of course.  I work with the heart and genuinely want to help people embrace their spiritual experiences in a positive way so this really means the world to me.

“Angela is a very warm and honest person. I personally enjoyed the workshop, thank you”

” A great opportunity to work with like minded people in a supportive environment, thank you”

“Its a great opportunity and meeting like minded people. Workshop was good, very informative, Angela presented herself very well”

“The content was comprehensive and well thought through” 

“Enjoyable, relaxed, easy to follow instructions, feel relaxed, group were nice to work with and pleasant atmosphere” 

The feedback during and after the workshop was excellent and our experiences during the exercises was magical. We had two ladies who were particularly advanced in the sense that they were into yoga and healing, therefore used to working with their chakra system. Their solar plexus were spinning away so much at one point they  almost took off! It did however enhance their experience yesterday and it was wonderful for the others to also see how one person’s experience is different to the other. But it also emphasised the need, as we grow spiritually, to keep the energy flowing through your chakras.

I received a name during one of the meditations I led earlier on the day and I am not a names, dates and places sort of medium. I know some whose USP is being able to bring forward names of the spirit contact straight away which is very impressive especially during demonstrations. But for some reason, spirit do not work with me that way. They provide  lots of details usually  information about their personality, how they looked, where they lived , how they passed,  people they cared about and very very occasionally, names. But yesterday I felt it was important to let the participants know that a name was given. True enough it was taken and it was her best friend who passed a few years ago. So you see even as a teacher, you learn and develop as you teach. You can never be arrogant enough to think that you know EVERYTHING. The learning never stops!

Every time we open up a channel for spirit to work with us, you will have an audience of spirit people who may or may not be connected to the people in the room. We had a few random spirits come forward to us yesterday who were very lovely and just wanted to be acknowledged. I love it when they do because it is important for people who are developing to understand that you are not going to always connect with people you know and  to respect their connection regardless.

It warmed my heart to see them do so well and gain a lot more confidence as the day progressed. The hugs I received at the end was so special and gave me such a buzz all day!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who stepped into their true potential yesterday and I can’t wait to see them again!

I only took a few pictures yesterday as I was so busy but here are some of the lovely ladies



My next workshop is on July 16th. Look out out for the booking form and details released next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!