Signs that you need a Psychic Reading

Is there a right or wrong time to seek a reading?

Let’ me put it this way, say you are driving to a new destination; would you rather have direction at that exact moment you knew you were lost? OR after spending hours trying to get that phone signal to connect to the GPS, looking for a petrol station to ask for directions or stopped to look for the map in the boot?

Wouldn’t you rather readjust your journey to your destination before all that hassle? Safe yourself the time, effort and anger?

Knowing when to reach out for a psychic/ Angel card reading is all about knowing the symptoms and timing.

If patterns keep appearing – everything going wrong all the time, you can’t get anything right, feel like there is a huge obstacle in your way, one thing goes right and everything else falls apart, not meeting the right people for relationships, disruption plaguing you despite all the positivity and effort you put into making things work – yes its time!

Some of my clients come to see me because of timing e.g. having to make a decision or need to have a decision made. They will also be confused and unwilling to make decisions. The reading will bring CLARITY and get to the heart of the matter. There is nothing more powerful than going to see a good psychic medium who brings up issues which have been playing on your mind for months! There is no trickery involved. When we work psychically, we are linking with your spirit. As Dr Wayne Dyer said, “we are all spiritual beings having a human experience” so your spirit knows everything about you. All the things your mind supresses is released during a psychic reading if the sitter is open to the experience. If you sit there sceptically or with a closed heart, you are ultimately creating a block. I am a sensitive so usually I sense it very early on in the reading and work with the sitter to get the best out of the reading.

A psychic reading is really about there here and now. Tapping into your Spirit, the all-knowing and pure source to uncover the truth behind what is happening in your life. Behind every problem is a solution. Behind every question is a answer.

A good quality reading will give you an understanding, clarity and most of all, guidance on how to move forward in your life. Unfortunately there is such an emphasis on “fortune tellers” and “the future”

I prefer to give clarity and guidance to your life NOW so you can shape your FUTURE. When we put so much hope in someone telling you what is going to happen in the future, we suffer such a big disappointment before it happens and lose faith in the reading because – your “free will” can and will change the outcome. I truly believe that people should seek direction for the here and now.

Let the future form naturally from the decisions you make now.

So if you recognise any of the symptoms then its time for a reading. Stop getting lost. Get yourself a psychic GPS!

X Angela