Blast from the Past

Angela Mitchell

Here I am, this is it! The moment of truth. Will this be the first of many posts or going to be a the first and last? Will I come back and dust off the cobwebs in a few months or years? I was a keen blogger years ago when I first moved to Sweden. It was pre-Facebook and things like Lifejournal and Blogger were the lifeline to the outside world. I used to blog about my life and journey trying to learn how to integrate and be part of Swedish society. Then the Tsunami came and I became a volunteer blogger and it was a sad and intense time.

When I moved to the UK, I had a range of things to deal with – dodgy landlords, not having steady internet or access to a laptop, meant I was too busy or unable to really think about my experiences or to write. I just survived and dealt with everything as it happened.

And besides by this time Facebook took off and it was an the easy alternative to blogging or calling up friends! It was an quick email shot to everyone to let them know what you are up to, where you are and what you want them to know – and it was up to them how and if they wanted to respond.

Now I am back to that point where Facebook is great but because it has changed how we distribute and digest information.  But longer more thoughtful posts are often overlooked or lost in the sea of videos, jokes, links and pictures.

I’ve gone back to the basics and want to share with you the reader, my personal journey as a Spiritual Medium, to make Spirituality and the whole business of communicating with Spirit less mysterious.

More importantly, I would like this to be an interactive medium where you can ask questions, share your thoughts with me, feedback and also send me questions you would like me to blog about.

So, welcome to my blog and please feel free to say hello!