Flexibility, the key to happiness?

I had such a fun day at the Indian festival in my town today. I felt as if the Universe had a hand in how things turned out. So many of my clients and friends I haven’t seen for a long time dropped by to say hello. They say the key to life is to be flexible and adapt to changes. Because not everything is in our control. It is our ability to adapt and make the best of the situation that makes the difference. For me, it was the fact that although my intention was to do mini readings inside a shop at the festival, the reality was slightly different. I had a choice of an unsuitable assigned spot or outside with the other stalls. I decided to make the most of it and opened myself up for an enjoyable day. I had some lovely spiritual things with me anyway so I rocked up to my pitch, set up my stall and had an amazing day. I didn’t do readings yesterday as it was too noisy and simply not suitable but I had a number of bookings and plenty of people stopping to chat about spirituality and how I do my readings. I love talking and explaining to people how it all works because the more we make Spirituality part of our every day conversation, the more understanding and acceptance there will be. As a result of choosing a positive outcome, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day interacting with people and being part of a really fun event. Thank you to all those who came to support me xx