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Heartfelt Messages from Spirit. Guidance from the Soul 

Angela Mitchell, Psychic Medium

Angela is a 3rd generation Medium who was born in Malaysia, lived in Sweden and now calls Maidenhead, Berkshire, in the UK home. Her travels have given her both life experience was well as a love for culture, people and languages.

As a Medium, Angela has the ability to “bridge the gap” between us with the spirit world. She enjoys bringing the “stories” of those who have departed, and allowing the living, a chance to experience the love in a warm and positive way.

She is known for her friendly, warm and welcoming personality. She has a very simple and straightforward attitude towards providing practical, empowering readings in the UK and Internationally. Angela is one of the emerging mediums around the world, trained at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, who believe in taking the “mystery” out of mediumship and making it more accessible to the general public. You get pure information from spirit and from your own soul without the drama. So don’t book if you are expecting Mystic Meg! Expect a big smile, lots of laughter and a genuine reading.

“It really does make me feel proud when I get validation from the sitter on information provided by their Spirit family or friend. My best day in the office is seeing people leave happier and some of the burdens lifted” – Angela Mitchell