Supermoon October 27 2015 – Your true potential

Supermoon October 27 2015 – Your true potential

The final super moon of 2015 is heading our way tomorrow. The energies from the last two supermoons in August and September has been intense and some of us have been put through the mill but some of us have showed ‘em who is boss and stepped into your true potential.

Original Artwork by Angela Mitchell 30 x 40cm Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork by Angela Mitchell
30 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas

Take a step back now and think about what has been happening since August. How did you deal with a difficult time? Did you hear news that broke your heart and your world? The question is…..not what but “how” did you deal with it? Did you let self-pity and remorse swallow you or did you take action?  In every negative action or situation, there is a double positive waiting to happen. Learning lessons await in every situation. Unfortunately most of us close our hearts the moment something bad happens. Bad can mean different things to different people. It could be not being able to get a ticket to a concert, failing an exam, finding out you have a medical condition, a cancelled holiday, breaking up with your partner to something so devastating as losing a loved one.

If I look back on my life, I can now see that while my last big breakup was devastating, I now see that it spurred me to make a life changing decision to move to the UK. I would never had done that if I had just let that relationship define me. I kept getting signs – synchronicity was happening all the time and dreams were vivid at that time. I remember waking up one day and the thought of moving came into my mind. With heart break and fear, clouding my mind, I initially dismissed it. But then the more I thought about it, my heart opened up and I started to picture myself in London. Obviously I was thinking of the likes of Notting Hill and Kensington, not the reality of Tooting Broadway! But the more my heart was open, I was able to really connect to the vision. I listened to my intuition and took action even though I had barely any money to my name or knew anyone in London.  I am truly grateful as I met my husband at the end of my first year and married him two years ago! I would never have met him if I stayed where I was.

How about someone who just heard they have cancer and have six months to live? There is no right or wrong way to deal with that sort of news. Some of us may be strong enough to contemplate spending the first few months running a campaign to raise funds for cancer research for example. Some of us may change the lives of people around us for the better through finances or by being an inspiration.  There could a child in the family who would go on to study medicine to help find a cure for cancer. The possibilities are endless! There is possibility in imPOSSIBLE.

So reflect on all that has happened in the last few months and how you have dealt with it.  Write it down on paper or electronically – whatever is easier for you! You need three columns – one for when, what and how. When it happened, what happened and how you dealt with it. You can add a fourth column – outcome.

Someone came to see me a few months ago and the reading was all about her taking charge of her life, acknowledging what was happening and making things happen. I saw her twice and the message didn’t changed, except for some more additional information. There was only so much a reading can do…nothing will change unless you do! Since then I have seen how she has taken something that has made her so unhappy and turned it into an inspiration to help other people. I can see how much confidence and self-worth she has gained in such a short time. She has also found her voice! I can see from the side lines how she dealt with the issue and the outcome. It’s a big deal so don’t dismiss it. Putting it on paper or where you can go back now and then to update and reflect on what has happened and how far you have come. It also allows us to evaluate where we are now and put everything into perspective.

So now as we prepare for the last Supermoon of 2015 – put everything you want and solutions to your struggles on your list.  Don’t let anything – emotions or situations push you into negativity! Try to be positive and keep a clear mind.

Please be grateful for everything you have and thank the universe for the help that has come your way so far. Put your wishes on a list, burn them tomorrow night before you go to bed and don’t forget to put your crystals out.

You can read more about how to prepare for the supermoon here – Guide to writing your Intention/wishlist, crystals and smudging your house.

You can read more on the astrological details of tomorrow’s event here: The supermoon is our chance to have it all

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The Blood Moon – End of a Cycle or the Beginning of a new Awareness?

I have been thinking about what to say about the Bloodmoon all day. I didn’t know what I needed to say but after working all day doing readings, working with people energetically and I am more settled into tapping into the amazing energy tonight.

With Durga, mother, protector, creator, and goddess, mantra in my heart and soul….. inspired writing has taken over: You can read about the astrological and scientific reasoning in all the different websites and media outlets but this is not a factual post, the following is messages channeled to me right now.

The TETRAD of Total Lunar Eclipses completes its intense cycle tonight and tomorrow,. It has been an overwhelming and energetic time for many of us. It has been a time of changes, shifts, some of us have been pushed to the edge and are facing our truth. Old belief systems are going out of the window. I have seen many people face with relationship issues in the first and second lunar eclipses alone. They were already coming to the realisation that things had to change in the relationship but lacked the courage to take action to make the necessary changes. And suddenly either the decision was taken out of their hands or they acquired a new sense of clarity for the extra push. So not all changes are bad. Change is in fact good and sometimes required. You will be need to alter your thought process to allow your spirit to provide you with the clarity to transform your life.  If you let your spirit work – the clouds will lift and the mist will dissipate. This is the time to embrace new beginnings, change and let the Universe help you!

The world is going through a huge shift. There will be more and more changes to our environment, which are taking place as we speak. I feel there will be faults in the ocean that will make us more vulnerable. There is also a number of stories in the Media about Mars and truth about what lifeforms or activity exists or existed. Nature is taking charge and setting the record straight. Our connection to the universe and the truth of our very existence is gaining momentum.I just feel the world is straining an bursting at the seams. How will it cope? Is there a solution or will it have to get worse before it gets better? It is not clear to me just yet how it will pan out.

More and more people will open up to spirituality, even the skeptics as they will experience life lessons which will make them question their attitude towards the spiritual world.

We need to shed our old skin, the layers of self-imposed conviction that we have to act, behave or respond in a certain way. Even as I write this, I can feel this words resonate strongly in my body. I felt the shift a while ago and watching Dr Wayne Dyer’s film brought it all up for me. There is no doubt that he had a mission to accomplish and his passing has brought a large number of people to a different level of consciousness though the remembrance of his work.

The have felt the energy changes in my spiritual work, my connection to the spirit world and the unlocking of some new gifts and the polishing of existing ones. I am starting to truly appreciate my purpose and celebrating who I am and what I stand for. There have been people put in my way to remind me of all this and a few to reveal some of the new things coming my way. It seems appropriate that I will be going through another intensive advanced training session to refine my development.

If you have a moment tonight before you go to sleep – create your Intention List. Put on there everything you would like from the universe, sort of your wishlist. Make it positive and also put in your gratitude for what you have.

For example:

I am grateful for the continued health and wellness of my husband, my children and myself.

You are firstly, saying thank you and asking for it to continue.

Instead of:

I asked so many times but never happens so why bother but……I want more money!

Would you continue help someone who is arrogant, spiteful, demanding, negative, ungrateful or rude?  Not many people would! Be careful of how you word it!

Go out and look at the moon. Doesn’t matter if it hasn’t fully turned into a Blood Moon. Ask for help, guidance and feel the energy from the moon’s healing light.

Burn the wish list whilst asking for the universe to help bring them to you. Leave your crystals out in the garden, under cling film if you can to charge them. Otherwise just leave them on a window that will get the full light of the moon.

Pay attention to the messages that come through your dreams tonight. Keep your eyes closed when you wake up in the morning and focus on what your last thoughts are and the dreams. Write them down the moment you open your eyes. This will be a huge help if you are meant to receive a message, a solution or a new direction.

Absolutely no idea where all of this is coming from and why I had to write this but I know this had to be said.

Have a lovely evening and I wish you all the most wonderful night. Please do share your experiences tomorrow. I love to hear from you all.

Angela Mitchell

The Astrology of the Blood Moon Eclipse September 2015