Are you being guided to move forward?

Are you being guided to move forward?

Today is a special day and in fact this whole week is going to be interesting as we head towards the full moon on the 16th. The universe has been conspiring to move us closer to our life purpose, stamp out limiting believes, addiction and even releasing us from relationships. A number of us have been left wondering “what next” or questioning what their life purpose is and what it is they are meant to be doing. Think about our life – from the very beginning to the end, as a large puzzle, and all the pieces scattered around a large moving and badly lit table. Here is the tricky bit… don’t know what the final picture is going to look like and many of the pieces are simply blank. Somehow you need to work your way through the pieces, find the right pieces to fit and figure out what the puzzle is supposed to look like. Now imagine this as you life. We have an idea of how everything fits in but don’t really know how its supposed to look like! This is where the universe comes in. It is divine assistance to push us in the right direction. From energy to spirit guides, you are shown little clues to prod you into the right direction. Some of us have strong intuition and total belief in our wisdom to trust in their decisions. Others will refuse any help or reminders from any other source that is not scientific. While others who feel the energy shifts will question everything and seek the truth. The energy of the full moon and planetary events contribute towards broadening our awareness towards our life purpose. 

Each and everyone of us have a purpose. You may think your life is boring and haven’t achieved much compared to say, Nelson Mandela who has contributed blood sweat and tears to his country. We all have different life purposes and it can range from being the person who changes a parent’s addiction to someone who  designs a product that makes a difference to our lives. Some people may leave our planet with absolutely no idea what their “life purpose” was. Does it matter?  In the scheme of things, no. But if we go back to the puzzle, wouldn’t  it be easier to put together if you knew what it looked like? So you could say that knowing your life purpose is like having a clearer picture of why you are here on earth.

A lot of people are buzzing forward with ideas, new opportunities and planning ahead this week. You may be getting downloads in the form of ideas, thoughts dropping into your head, names of people to contact (who could help you) and events appearing on your screens. You are possibly being encouraged to take a course that will enhance your knowledge of a particular subject which could lead to a job promotion in six months or a meditation class to tackle the stress that has been cropping up lately. Making that one decision can change the course of how your life is going now. So pay attention this week and if it feels right, go for it! 

Today’s date is 10/10/2016 which rounds up to 11 which is a master number which often reminds us of a change and a reminder from the Angels that you are manifesting both positive and negative energy. 11 is also 1+1 = 2. Two is about having courage, trust and to have patience. 

The universe is hinting that you must firstly be keeping a watch out for signs but also be patient and keep positive. Courage is going to be important as some of us are taking big leaps into the unknown. So if you are having a wobble then don’t worry it is going to be okay. You are being encouraged to take action and have faith.

Watch out for signals in the form of numbers as there are strong messages and reminders being sent. Comment below of you are seeing numbers and I will try to give some of you insight. 


The New Moon on July 19th: Bold decisions and Balance

The New Moon on July 19th: Bold decisions and Balance

You would have seen the bright, sparkly and powerful moon last night if you looked up at the sky. The light radiating from it was strong, vibrant and crystal clear. I felt a sense of calm and also hope reach me through the air and into my body.

For most of us, the dust is just settling and we are making sense of the aftermath of events that occurred  the last full moon. There is more clarity coming our way and with the male energy that comes with it, the new moon will empower us to be more assertive. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself making bold decisions and walking just a little more taller than normal. The energy of this past year has been building your confidence and now is the time to shine.

Put your best feet forward and make plans. Believe that it will happen and trust yourself to take the appropriate actions to realise it. You will also feel your sacral chakra more active than normal.  Your Sacral chakra is in your lower abdomen, just below your naval. This is your second chakra and an important one as it controls the flow of energy and is essentially your “core”.  Each chakra has its dowsacral-chakran special sound and we are lucky that the pioneers of yoga and meditation in India have made so much information available for us in this generation to tap into. Here is a fantastic free sacral chakra VAM chant meditation. My favourite person DhyaanGuru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal who shares so much freely on the Internet, with the intention of helping people, explains it and chants it perfectly. Please set aside some time this week to sit in meditation.

Meditating to clear and and balance your Sacral Chakra 

Create a sacred space by burning incense, light a candle or if you have one, a Himalayan Salt lamp or tea light. Try to do this when you are alone and can be undisturbed for at least 15 – 30mins. The best way to really feel this mantra is to listen to it on your earphones as you can really connect with vibration of the chant. Place a crystal in your dominant hand. The best crystals to meditate to energise your sacral chakra is  amber, carnelian, citrine or orange calcite but if you don’t have any of those mentioned, just pick one that is orange or golden in colour.  Cleanse it first by smudging it or with some incense. You will be thirsty when you finish the meditation so keep a glass of water next to you. Watch out for subtle messages or signs in your dreams that night. Always keep a notebook next to your bed so you can write it all down when you wake up.

Trust me, this is powerful, amazing and beautiful! If you have sudden urges to empty your bladder then do not fear as your body is cleansing and releasing. Please ensure you drink plenty of water. Lemon water in the mornings is great for the digestive system and for health. Obviously take care if its a symptom of a medical condition and check with your doctor if it continues for more than a week. This chakra is important for your brain’s well being in a way. It helps you with your ideas, starting new projects and also with creative endeavours. It also helps you balance your emotions and encourages healthy relationships with people around you.  sage

So the full moon appears in our skies tomorrow night at 11:57pm. If you can do it, please smudge your house and do your full moon ritual and then meditate. If you want to learn more about how to manifest and my moon rituals then don’t forget to sign up to my workshop in September.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and learning more about tomorrow’s moon. Please feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch if you have feedback or questions.


Spiritual Boundaries

I was reluctant to tell people that I could see, hear and sense Spirit when I was younger. You feel put on the spot and at times, a performing circus act. “So who is here now then? “Is this place haunted? “Shall I call you Mystic Meg now? All sorts of questions and comments would come flying and I used to feel so overwhelmed. So I clammed up and made my Spiritual awareness a dirty little secret. The Spirit world were cruel though. They would swamp me with so much sensitivity that I would blab to people around me thinking they “needed” to hear the messages. I didn’t realise that it was more important to know if they “want” the message. When someone is not ready or interested, then it could freak people out and often cause confusion. There is a right place and time for it. I remember telling a friend that there was a negative energy in his house which he needed to clear and as he was a non believer, broke off our friendship. He didn’t like receiving the message especially as he had just rented the property. Sure enough there was an incident afterwards but he still refused to talk to me. I was incredibly hurt and couldn’t understand his anger  when all I was trying to do was help. This is a trap that spiritually aware folks fall into. We get so wrapped up in our ability which allows us to have insight that others don’t that we go beyond the call of duty. 

The lesson I learned is that unless someone asks, don’t jump in and assume that they need to know what you know. Spiritual awakening is one thing but living with it is all about respect, boundaries and knowing when to say something and when to keep quiet. 

For some people who have had spiritual awakening  later in life, it is natural to feel like you need to shout it out from the rooftops. I have seen some who go from one extreme to the other or seem to be an overnight expert in everything. Obviously one of us can really know exactly what each person is going through but this is my take on it. Give yourself time to truly understand what YOU are going through and be comfortable with it first. It is like getting an email from National Lottery saying you have won a prize on the latest draw but instead of checking how much you won, what numbers were successful and how this will change your life etc, you run off announcing to the world that you won. You’ve made plans to celebrate, told everyone, planned out what you want to buy and so on. But then obviously what if the prize was £100 and not the £1 million you envisioned? 

I know I am not being too conservative when I say, take your time, be sensible, be in the here and now before you react. I feel the longevity of your spirituality will be enhanced by being a little cautious at the start. It took me years before I truly accepted my spiritual self  and nearly 32 years before I responded to my calling, which is to work with the spiritual world. I am truly humbled to hear of how some of the renowned mediums, some of who I have had the privilege of training under, spent years in development before they even considered being one. I regularly spend time and money to develop my abilities and expand my knowledge. I sit in meditation to allow my Spirit family to teach me. Who best to teach you about the Spirit world than the discarnate? 

I didn’t grow up in an environment where positive spiritual development and circles were available so I did most of it myself and through the help of my spiritual influencers. But I have learned the hard way of putting boundaries in place, instilling respect in yourself and in the spirit world, and most of all, trusting yourself.

Join my on my latest workshop on February 27th (details below) if you would like to learn more.

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The Learning Never Stops

Our Spirit Guides and contacts are highly intelligent and all knowing. This is something light workers will understand as they progress on their spiritual path. Spiritual development is not always about deepening your gifts but also expanding your knowledge within the spiritual realms. You cannot just read or attend lectures about the spiritual world – you have to experience and strengthen your relationship with spirit.

I have learned so much since that amazing day , almost 33 years ago when I first saw spirit. I didn’t know what I was experiencing and I heard all sort of stories and myths about the spirit world that I was incredibly scared of my gifts. Like most natural mediums, I was terrified and rejected my abilities and unfortunately the more your resist, the harder it gets to shake it off. I have spent many years trying to understand them and separate the real from the negative.

I am so grateful to my father who has been the driving force behind my development since he passed.  I still remember the day he came through finally via my friend and wonderful Medium, Christine in Edinburgh. The day I met this beautiful woman was already special but the fact that she managed to channel my father for the very first time since he passed in 2005 was simply fantastic.

My father was a very particular and fussy man. He choose his friends well and he had a very distinctive taste in everything from his food (which led to numerous arguments with my mother who was a brilliant cook but couldn’t please my dad) to the creases in his trousers. He was very disapproving of people and when he liked someone, he was very passionate about the connection. Therefore it was sheer torture for me as I went to see different mediums and psychics over the years to connect with him. He wouldn’t come forward and I was hugely frustrated that I wasn’t able to channel him either. I questioned my own abilities as I could often sense and see him but never communicate with him.

I later came to realise that as he told Christine at that development weekend, that he was happy that I finally did something about my spirituality.  “I worked so hard to get you here! He said to Christine.  “Here” was the intense Mediumship course led by Tony Stockwell and James Van Praagh that Christine and I were at.

It was there that I had validation, understood the meaning of everything that occurred and most of all the reason why I struggled to communicate with my father. If he had come through straight away……would I have gone in search of my truth? They said that unless you truly experience hunger, you will never appreciate food. I had a fire in my belly. I wanted desperately to understand my gift and along the way, become closer to my father in Spirit.

My father started appearing in my mind’s eye soon after this course. He interacted with me and offered me guidance. This is how he led me to Arthur Findlay Spiritual College. I was hesitating about finances and the time out but he was in my dreams every night, sitting with me at the dining table and talking for what seemed like hours. I would wake up not remembering every word but just a sentence or a sense of knowing what was discussed.

Christine and another talented Medium, mentioned the college to me and it sort of stuck in my mind.I found a course that resonated with me but I was worried about the cost and the time – 7 days away!

I woke up on the Friday morning before the course with these words on my lips….” Arthur Findlay Collage….GO”  after a long dream with my father. I remember in the dream he was drinking his favourite whisky on the rocks and was trying to convince me to do something. I stopped for a minute to think if this was me trying to convince myself to do it or really a sign from my father. I asked him clearly if he wanted me to go and I got an answer. I had a clear sense of knowing that I have to do this!

I picked up the phone and there was ONE last spot because someone cancelled! The lady at reception said I was really lucky as the course had been fully booked until the night before when someone from abroad called to cancel. I knew my father had a hand in this!

He knew the course would propel me into a different direction and allow me to follow my destiny and my life purpose. I couldn’t be happier and although I only started working as a medium only recently, the good reputation and recommendations I receive is based on ethics, wanting to work for the highest good and more importantly – genuinely wanting to help people.

I know my journey has only started and there is so much more for me to understand, learn and share. I have two amazing courses this year and I can’t wait!

Please feel free to leave feedback or questions about anything related to the spirit world and mediumship.

Blast from the Past

Angela Mitchell

Here I am, this is it! The moment of truth. Will this be the first of many posts or going to be a the first and last? Will I come back and dust off the cobwebs in a few months or years? I was a keen blogger years ago when I first moved to Sweden. It was pre-Facebook and things like Lifejournal and Blogger were the lifeline to the outside world. I used to blog about my life and journey trying to learn how to integrate and be part of Swedish society. Then the Tsunami came and I became a volunteer blogger and it was a sad and intense time.

When I moved to the UK, I had a range of things to deal with – dodgy landlords, not having steady internet or access to a laptop, meant I was too busy or unable to really think about my experiences or to write. I just survived and dealt with everything as it happened.

And besides by this time Facebook took off and it was an the easy alternative to blogging or calling up friends! It was an quick email shot to everyone to let them know what you are up to, where you are and what you want them to know – and it was up to them how and if they wanted to respond.

Now I am back to that point where Facebook is great but because it has changed how we distribute and digest information.  But longer more thoughtful posts are often overlooked or lost in the sea of videos, jokes, links and pictures.

I’ve gone back to the basics and want to share with you the reader, my personal journey as a Spiritual Medium, to make Spirituality and the whole business of communicating with Spirit less mysterious.

More importantly, I would like this to be an interactive medium where you can ask questions, share your thoughts with me, feedback and also send me questions you would like me to blog about.

So, welcome to my blog and please feel free to say hello!