Meeting your Spirit Guides

Are you curious about your Spirit Guides? Want to know who they are? What is their purpose? How do they work with you? How do you connect with them? 

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Join Angela on this lovely session which will compromise of a lecture, meditation, exercise, sharing and Q&A. You will also get some basic tools to help you continue trying to connect and working with your guides at home.

You do not need to have any spiritual abilities or experience to join. 


Sat Jan 30 – 1pm – 3pm (UK time)  9pm (Malaysia) 8am (NY) 

This is a ZOOM class so you need to download Zoom and have a camera & mic to be able to interact. 

Cost: £15 per person


Please ensure that you tick the “friends & family” box to avoid PP fees being taken out of the payment. Kindly also contact Angela on FB page if your Paypal email address is different from your current one as confirmation will be provided via email.


On the day: Please create a comfortable and peaceful space for yourself. Light some incense, candles and dim the lights when you need to. Have a pen and paper, water and some tissues next to you. Please also make sure you won’t be disturbed. 

Spiritual Boundaries

I was reluctant to tell people that I could see, hear and sense Spirit when I was younger. You feel put on the spot and at times, a performing circus act. “So who is here now then? “Is this place haunted? “Shall I call you Mystic Meg now? All sorts of questions and comments would come flying and I used to feel so overwhelmed. So I clammed up and made my Spiritual awareness a dirty little secret. The Spirit world were cruel though. They would swamp me with so much sensitivity that I would blab to people around me thinking they “needed” to hear the messages. I didn’t realise that it was more important to know if they “want” the message. When someone is not ready or interested, then it could freak people out and often cause confusion. There is a right place and time for it. I remember telling a friend that there was a negative energy in his house which he needed to clear and as he was a non believer, broke off our friendship. He didn’t like receiving the message especially as he had just rented the property. Sure enough there was an incident afterwards but he still refused to talk to me. I was incredibly hurt and couldn’t understand his anger  when all I was trying to do was help. This is a trap that spiritually aware folks fall into. We get so wrapped up in our ability which allows us to have insight that others don’t that we go beyond the call of duty. 

The lesson I learned is that unless someone asks, don’t jump in and assume that they need to know what you know. Spiritual awakening is one thing but living with it is all about respect, boundaries and knowing when to say something and when to keep quiet. 

For some people who have had spiritual awakening  later in life, it is natural to feel like you need to shout it out from the rooftops. I have seen some who go from one extreme to the other or seem to be an overnight expert in everything. Obviously one of us can really know exactly what each person is going through but this is my take on it. Give yourself time to truly understand what YOU are going through and be comfortable with it first. It is like getting an email from National Lottery saying you have won a prize on the latest draw but instead of checking how much you won, what numbers were successful and how this will change your life etc, you run off announcing to the world that you won. You’ve made plans to celebrate, told everyone, planned out what you want to buy and so on. But then obviously what if the prize was £100 and not the £1 million you envisioned? 

I know I am not being too conservative when I say, take your time, be sensible, be in the here and now before you react. I feel the longevity of your spirituality will be enhanced by being a little cautious at the start. It took me years before I truly accepted my spiritual self  and nearly 32 years before I responded to my calling, which is to work with the spiritual world. I am truly humbled to hear of how some of the renowned mediums, some of who I have had the privilege of training under, spent years in development before they even considered being one. I regularly spend time and money to develop my abilities and expand my knowledge. I sit in meditation to allow my Spirit family to teach me. Who best to teach you about the Spirit world than the discarnate? 

I didn’t grow up in an environment where positive spiritual development and circles were available so I did most of it myself and through the help of my spiritual influencers. But I have learned the hard way of putting boundaries in place, instilling respect in yourself and in the spirit world, and most of all, trusting yourself.

Join my on my latest workshop on February 27th (details below) if you would like to learn more.

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Message for the Inner Goddess

I was designing the poster for one of my events for 2016 which was all about using the creative process to bring out the inner goddess in us when one of my guides told me to go grab some pastels. I initially questioned this as I was not feeling very arty at that time as I was grappling with the software to create the poster at that time. Anyway who am I to question them so off I went to find my pastels and paper. It then it hit straight on what was happening. I was struggling to find a template or image to really bring the workshop to life. But there was nothing that was catching my eye and actually that was the core of my frustration. They cleverly guided me to make my own image! It is such a tailored and special day that any old image wasn’t going to do. Anyways I was guided to pick the red and swirls appeared and it just flowed colour by colour. and then the words appeared. The name of the workshop is “I Am Beautiful” and the words resonated with all the things that the participants will want to feel and the emotional freedom they will enjoy from expressing and tuning into their inner Goddess.

The registration for the workshops are now open. Book Now to avoid disappointment! 

Unlock your Intuition

Do you see spirits? Do you sense them? Are you guided by your “gut feeling” or intuition? Do you want to learn more and understand your gifts better?

Join Psychic Mediums Jane Goodman and Angela Mitchell on this amazing day to tap into your potential. Limited spaces so book now