A Prayer for Life

I wrote this sometime ago and use it whenever I feel a need to ground myself deeply. We begin each day with so much routine and very little time. We run through our days like water through a sieve, but there are times where you just have to stop and say thank you. Christmas is a time of reflection and the start of not only the festive period full of fun and gatherings but of taking stock of our lives. Soon it will be new year’s eve and we stop to look at all the goals we set at the beginning of the year, the people we have lost along the way, the new ones that joined us and the memories we have etched onto our timeline.

Before you start a new goal, a new diet, a new direction, stop and say thank you. Whether you know it or not, you have had help.

Even in the darkest lowest moment of your life……someone out there reached out and pulled you out of that situation, to stand up and move forward.

It could have been a good friend,  a relative in spirit or finding a letter with some inspirational words. It could well have been a beautiful butterfly that sat on your lap as you cried or a quote on your newsfeed on Facebook. There was a force unknown to you that was behind every single action and reaction. 

Someone messaged me to ask for a prayer for forgiveness and about saying thank you. I shared this prayer I wrote with her. I channeled this prayer from my Spirit Guide who is an old Indian sage holyman who was deeply philosophical. Sometimes when I share my writings, its always starts with one theme and then goes a little off centre only for it to come together at the end. He doesn’t come to me often but when he does it is always in a very soft, nurturing and loving way. When I channel him, I allow it to happen naturally without trying to control his words or flow so I write as he speaks.

I feel this will be a lovely thing for you to have as stress levels are high and patience is low.this week with the Full Moon on Christmas day. Take a minute to yourself. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and then open your eyes and read this aloud. If a particular word or sentence resonates with you deeply then stop and let your thoughts wonder to a situation or someone. It may be that you need to forgive someone who has done you wrong and it has been really difficult to do it because of how they made you feel. Don’t think about the need to forgive, think about the feelings they evoked or continue to evoke in you when you think about them or the situation. Release those feelings to the Angels and move on. Let the Angels take care of it so that  you no longer associate the negative feelings with that person so it will be easier to forgive and move on. Once you have finished the prayer just close your eyes once again and say thank you.

Please share with your friends and family. You never know how much someone needs this especially at this time of the year.

Prayer for life

Daily affirmations during difficult times

When life is heavy, when the burden is too difficult to bear, send it to the universe to work it out. The moment you “let go”, is the moment the magic starts to happen.

We have to take a step back and see it for what it is. The longer we stand in the pool of our situation, the longer it will affect us.

Use the courage that is within us, to take that step out. Let the neutrality bring you clarity. Let your intuition guide you. The more we let go, the less we will be tied down to the situation.

Think of your challenges as a balloon full of helium. The longer you hold on to it, the more the tension starts to develop inside the balloon. It will either burst in your hands or if you let go, fly up to the clouds and whatever is meant to be…..happens.

Take a few moments, visualise a beautiful pink balloon above your head. It is attached to a string which is wound around your index finger. Fill the balloon with every single problem that is affecting you right now. Feel how heavy it starts to get. The heavier the balloon, the lighter you feel.

Now, let go of the string. Say to yourself as you do this……”I let go of everything inside the balloon. I am no longer attached to or affected by anything inside the balloon” Take three deep breaths and start to feel your body feeling lighter and relaxed.

Do this a few times, especially when things get too much to bear. Good time to do it is at night or anytime you can spare 2mins on your own.

Sending you lots of love and hugs x