Readings Explained

The spiritual business is huge and difficult to navigate. There are so many jargons, new age names, terms and misconceptions that are highly confusing for the ordinary person!  Angela prefers to keep it simple and easy. She aims to make it simple for people to understand their needs and ask for the right reading when they are drawn to seek spiritual help. 

In my opinion, there are only two types of readings you need – about YOUR life and the other, about your loved ones in the Spirit world – Angela Mitchell 

Psychic Readings

Very simply put, this is about you and your life – direction, relationships, business decisions, career moves, energy blocks, big decisions etc. Angela has learned very early on that her particular skill is not “shock and awe” which some people look for, but psychic intelligence to make you aware of what is stopping you from achieving your goals e.g relationship, career, happiness and so on. This empowers you to take charge of your life and make the necessary changes to enhance your future.You must be given free will to choose. Anyone who tells you what to do is taking that away from you. A psychic’s job is to sh12671934_1672347756386406_388656568295542139_oow you the way, not tell you where to go. You do not have to provide information other than perhaps a specific question or area of your life to discuss. But be open to discuss something different than what you had in mind. The Angel cards and the energy connection between us will help uncover the direction of the reading. The Angels, our Spirit friends and your soul knows what you need to hear not what you want to hear. A psychic reading sometimes incorporates Angel or tarot cards, psychometry or any other psychic tools.  

Spiritual/ Mediumistic Readings

This is where the rainbow bridge is created to connect to your loved ones in the Spirit world. They bring with them evidence of their life in the physical world – what they looked liked, what they were like as people, career, how they passed and then memories from when they were young, how they lived, and sometimes they even talk about how they are now in their world. This type of reading is very healing and provides people with closure. Just knowing that they are okay, that they know certain aspects of your life or that they continue their journey is a form of comfort to many. There have been so many times when a reading has brought so much laughter as well as tears. Not all readings are the same. Some can be highly entertaining as spirits can be funny just like they were alive. Sometimes it can be emotional and there will be tears but either way, people feel like a load has been lifted off their shoulders. _mg_4289

Remember, there is no Skype or mobile phones in the Spirit world. Mediums cannot guarantee that the person you want to speak to will come through. The more you hold on to one person, the bigger the block, so come with an open mind and always think of it as experiment. It is important to consider that some spirits will not step forward until they are ready. Often the people who were skeptical or  religious and closed to spiritual experiences when alive will take time to adjust and accept that they can communicate with mediums. There is also the laws of their world. The right spirit person steps forward to help you at the right time. You may want to speak to Dad but greatgrandmother steps forward, disappointing you, however she may have a message that is crucial to your life. If Dad stepped forward then the reading would be highly emotional and he would not be able to get past your grief to provide the message. An opportunity to help you would have been missed! As souls we have a large group of spirit friends, family and guides eager to come forward to communicate. Go to readings with an open mind and heart.

FAQ about Readings

Can you tell me my future?

As a medium I do not tell fortunes however at times spirit guides and Spirit family/friends may provide guidance as to what could be coming up in the future and help us. For example if have been pondering on a job decision and they may give a message to “take the new job” .This would be future guidance but not “fortune telling”. As a psychic, Angela believes that giving people guidance for the “here and now” empowers the sitter to use their “free will” to make better life choices which is more effective than foretelling the future.

Will it be frightening/Scary?

Some find seeing a psychic or medium or” spiritual people” an intimidating experience. Unfortunately there is a huge misconception stereotypes exist both in the media but also by people who have had a bad experience. A good medium/psychic will help uplift your energy and give you a positive experience. Spirit contacts come in love and light. You will find that a reading is literally as natural as sitting down and talking. You may not even feel or realise their energy in the room. A medium merely translate and communicates what they see, sense, hear, taste, feel so there is nothing to be scared of.

Can the medium or the spirit read my mind or see something I am shy about?

Mediums work on a “no information” basis so that everything they experience is what needs to be discussed. They can sense psychically things about you such as emotions, energy blocks and perhaps even things you don’t want to face. It won’t be a case of pointing out all your mistakes, instead a positive reminder to look at these issues which are in fact blocking you from achieve success or being happy. We all go through life wondering why things don’t work out or why there is bad luck, instead preferring to blame everyone and anything before we look at ourselves. When the time is right, the soul will lead you to someone who can help you face up to your limitations to move you forward. The medium can’t read your mind and frankly, doesn’t want to. They will only use the link to your soul to uncover important facts that can help you. It is how the information is dealt with and the confidentiality that follows the reading that matters. Angela is absolutely discreet and sees a wide range of people from high profile business people to ordinary people and their information never goes further than the reading room. Some people worry that their loved one is Spirit can see them undress, infidelity etc however do not fear this as judgement is a human emotion. They do not judge you in Spirit. In fact they may observe and keen to help but we don’t have to fear them as they will respect your privacy.

Are there any topics to avoid?

Mediums are not encouraged to speak on certain topics such as predicting death, fertility, financial advise such as lottery numbers or the stock market. We are also not encouraged to interfere in criminal cases or even in some cases, find out if a husband or wife has cheated and with whom. These are practical avenues for the sitter to deal with these problems and not suitable for a psychic or mediumistic readings.

How to get the best out of a reading? 

Come with an open mind, be willing to hear of and be guided on issues that you may not have thought of but has been playing in the back of your mind.  Remember that your spiritual reading could include someone who have never met or heard of but is connected to you. You can say “yes” when the information is correct, “no” when its completely off the mark and “maybe” if you can understand part of it but need more information so the reader know they are on the right path. Do not get over enthusiastic and immediately start talking about the your loved one the moment one or two pieces of evidence has been provided. This disrupts the medium’s flow. Just keep it minimal and you can discuss the spirit communication afterwards. Do not however sit with a poker face throughout the reading as that too is not very useful. If it doesn’t make sense, let the medium know straight away.