Psychic Art

Most of my work is channelled and guided by my spirit guides I have always been intrigued by how deep and mystical my art has always been. I studied art and design many years ago, thinking I would be a graphic designer in the advertising industry. Alas my life took a different turn and I never really got to work with art and creativity. I got very disillusioned with my art as this links back deeply to my own personal spiritual acceptance. I couldn’t understand the messages I was getting through my art and it disturbed my family that I was painting very deep and mysterious subjects. I eventually thought it was all negative and gave up painting all together. But around 2012, I picked up my paintbrushes again but it wasn’t easy. In 2014 at the Arthur Findlay Spiritual college in Essex, my grandmother came forward during a demonstration to say that I had to start painting again and exhibit my work soon. Messages come in all shapes and forms. The day before I was given a sketch book by one of the ladies at the breakfast table as she was downsizing her luggage as she had to fly back to Australia. I haven’t stopped drawing, painting or sketching since. Earlier in 2015 I had an incident on holiday where I hurt my chest wall. That night I received a message from a holy man called Joram who had passed centuries ago.joramHe helped to open up my next creative level – spirit portraits. I was guided to attend a spirit art course at AFC under renowned spirit artist Lynn Corttrell  to fine tune my knowledge of spirit art. I was amazed by the end of the week at how some of my drawings were accurate. Since then I have been able to draw the faces of guides and loved ones in spirit. I am also developing portraits of animals as well which is very exciting.

My spirit portraits are done during mediumship sittings and are an extra charge. Please mention that you would like a spirit portrait  at the time of booking as it will take longer than a normal reading.  Like any mediumship sitting, I cannot guarantee that the portrait will be of the person you would like to connect with will appear on the paper. I may be connecting with one person but another will use my creativity to provide evidence.

Mr Blue Eyes

CLAIMED – Mr Blue Eyes has been claimed. He turned out to be the grandfather of one of my clients.

At times I have placeholders – spirit who come through to me when I am not doing a reading. They provide me with loads of information but I can’t place them straight away. My mentor told me a story about someone she kept drawing over a period of 10 years. She kept them safely and wrote down the dates. One day 10 years later she was at a demonstration at a church and draw the man again. His family were in the audience and understood the information she provided. She remembered the face and went back to see her other impressions of him and it turns out the dates were all significant. Sometimes spirit prepares the medium or the artist days, months, weeks and years ahead. I keep all my drawings now and I have a Facebook page you can join to keep updated on my drawings. You never know when someone  you know will appear there! I never know who is going to appear on paper when I start drawing. I worked in an altered state so my spirit artist guide steps forward to help me. Sometimes the spirit contact themselves will guide me and give me direction. The evidence is provided as I work with them as well. For example I loved working with Mr Blue Eyes (right, below) who is really lovely older gent who would have had a stroke prior to passing. Had a very strong deep voice perfect for the choir or amateur dramatics. Pastel pencils and light usage of soft pastels for the clothes. Strong blue eyes and was a good looking man. He paid particular attention to his clothes and keeping everything in order. Slight OCD tendencies but nothing too extreme. I cannot wait for his family to come see me one day as he has so much to say! UPDATE: Mr Blue Eyes has been claimed by his granddaughter!!

During a psychic art portrait drawing session, Spirit family or spirit guides will come through. There is always a reason for their appearance – to inspire, share love, heal, support or just to let you know they are there for you. Keep an open mind and heart as to who will come through as they come with love.

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