Fright Nights

Angela is the official Medium for Fright Nights Berkshire and Cambridgeshire. She leads the Mediumistic aspect of the Paranormal Investigation for the evenings. She works with an established and professional team who share the same ethos of “bringing Spirit stories to the living” which fosters better understanding of Spirit work. Guests leave these events with a better idea of why the spirits are in certain buildings, their stories, how they passed and their memories rather than being “scared” or terrified. They also have an opportunity to share and discuss their own spiritual questions/discoveries. 

Engelfield Hall, Surrey Investigation

Investigation at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge

Investigation at the Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook, Berkshire

I had a few offers to “ghost hunt” as a performance rather than a genuine experience.  I didn’t feel I would be true to spirit and to my work as it didn’t fit in with my own spirit. It wasn’t until I was approached by Mark and Lynda, did I feel drawn to put my name towards something like this. They share my own personal belief of “life after death” and give me the freedom run my sessions in a loving, compassionate and positive way,” Angela Mitchell 

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