Can I bring another person to my private reading?
No. Unfortunately I will only be able to read one person per session.

What can I expect at a reading?

I work on a NO INFORMATION basis which means I don’t need to know anything about you other than your name and if you have a specific question you need help with. Please don’t add me on Facebook or send me a message with too much information. I will have to refer you to someone else if you tell me too much! I will however need you to confirm information presented by Spirit with a yes, no or maybe (you need more information) as that will reassure me that I have the right contact for you.

I may close my eyes for a few moments or look away while I focus on what I am being shown. We will sit opposite each other in my little therapy room and I may have incense on. I love incense as it really clears the energy in the room and plus it makes it smell so lovely! Please let me know if you have any problems with it. I will use cards if need be otherwise tune into you or the spirit world to bring forward messages.  The reading will be gentle and I will share with you everything I experience so you are part of the experience. My readings are genuine, positive and aimed at empowering you to step into your true potential.

What is a Spiritual Reading and what gifts does Angela have?

Every medium works differently and our gifts vary. I am NOT a fortune teller nor do I have the ability to cast spells or predict the lottery. The spirit world will use all or a select few of my abilities. I am Clairsentience (feeling/touching), Clairaudience (hearing), Claircognizance (knowing) and on very few occasions, Clairgustance (tasting) and Clairalience (smelling). The main way spirit communicate with me is through visions about themselves such where they lived, their interests, passions, personalities, even inside of the homes they lived in to memories. The purpose of this is to provide evidence of life after death. There will be some information that will not make sense on the day but it will come to you in time. There will be somethings which will be a future event but they aren’t always clear when they are shown to me.
Can I bring something which belonged to my loved on in spirit?

Yes, please do. There are always stored energies in objects and it will bring more information to the reading. Ideally photos, jewellery, watches or any other small items they may have had close to them would be useful.

 How do I prepare for a reading?

  • First of all – don’t be scared. The experience will be as normal as having a cup of tea with a friend. There is nothing mystical or scary about the experience at all.
  • Come with an open mind and heart. Think of the people who have passed and ask them to come forward. Do this the night before. Your energy is very important to the reading. If you are closed, anxious or distracted, it will affect the quality of the reading.
  • Be prepared to receive information for other people in your family or friends circle as well as/ or for yourself. Who comes forward at a reading is not up to you or me to decide, it is  ultimately up to them. Sometimes spirit will draw the people closest to their loved ones to seek a medium because they won’t or can’t see one.
  • Please be on time for the reading. I will be aware of your spirit family close to the time of the reading so please don’t make them wait.

What are Angel Card Readings?
I am a certified Doreen Virtue Angel reader which means I was trained by her to do accurate card readings for people who feel the need for a little guidance and insight into their lives. You will be able to ask three specific questions at the beginning of each card shuffle. I will reserve the right to reject questions which I feel will not be suitable. I will not predict the future however the cards will provide advice and guidance that can help resolve problems or prevent new ones.  I also use other cards such as by John Holland if guided.

During the reading

You have the opportunity to let me know if you want to stop the reading. On very rare occasions, there may be no spiritual connection available. I found in the past that when this happens, its because the person actually needs clarity and guidance rather than a spiritual reading. Don’t expect grandma to come forward to tell you what to do with your career. They prefer to leave it to the medium to work on a psychic level for the best outcome. Of course if you decide that is not for you, then you are very welcome to stop the reading within the first 10mins of the reading. Once we go past the 10mins then there will be no refund.

How do I pay for a reading?

All scheduled readings are paid in advance or by deposit accepted to secure in advance via Paypal. or bank transfer.  For deposits, the remainder of the payment is to be paid cash on the day.

Terms & Condition for all services offered by Angela Mitchell

  • For Readings and healings, cancellations made within 24hrs of the scheduled appointment will be rescheduled to a new date and time based on availability but the fees paid are NOT refundable.
  • All readings, events, classes, workshops and retreats are non-refundable.
  • Right to Terminate* We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our services, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever.
  • Limitations on Use* You must be 18 years of age or older 
  • Legal Disclaimer for Psychic, Intuitive & Mediumship Readings: you accept fully, by using our services through a direct or indirect request for a psychic reading of any kind, the following; Angela Mitchell will connect with the world of Spirit and will also gain insight using her psychic awareness. The readings that are provided through her are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that Angela Mitchell gives you, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice.
  • All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement.
  • For legal reasons we have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. Angela’s services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from a relevant professionals.