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Angela sees her face to face clients in a brand new space in central Maidenhead during the week and only offers online readings in the evenings. She does not work on weekends. For enquiries please contact Angela’s assistant, Jenny Jacobs via email She will respond to emails working hours from Mon – Fridays. Please expect a slight delay in response during busy times. Jenny is only able to respond to booking and event queries. 


The cost for psychic and mediumship readings are the same. You can discuss your need when you arrive for the reading. Appointments at Angela’s reading room are for one person per session basis. Guests and observers are not allowed. Audio recordings for private use are welcome. You are also encouraged to bring any objects belonging to a loved one in spirit such as watch, jewellery, memorabilia, handkerchief, tie, photos, lighter etc. Kindly refrain from bringing ashes, urns or teeth, bones etc. 

Face to Face Readings

The reading room is based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and open from Tues to Fri from 11am to 6pm. Costs £55 and lasts 45mins to an hour depending on the needs of the sitter. Please note that a non refundable deposit of £10 is required to confirm your booking. 

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London Appointments

Appointments are now available in Covent Garden, London from 11am to 6pm weekdays depending on availability. Costs £80 and lasts 45mins to an hour. This is strictly by appointment and must be be prepaid. At least a min of one week’s notice required.

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Online Readings

There are extremely limited appointments available for these appointments and a high demand. Costs £55 for 45mins. Available platforms – Skype, Zoom and Phone. Please pay for your non refundable booking and email Angela’s assistant, Jenny on with preferred dates and times as well as your Skype/Zoom ID/ Number. Please note Online readings are only available Mondays – Thursdays on the following time slots – 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. 

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 Spirit Portraits  

Spirit portrait readings are where you get a visual representation of Spirit and messages. This can be of a relative that you know of or are aware of or a Spirit Guide/Guardian who wants to be acknowledged. Once I open my awareness up to create an energy link between you and your loved ones, there is no telling who will step forward to be painted. In most cases they have a reason or connection. For face to face readings, you will be able to take away the portrait after your session. For online readings and drawing, an extra charge will be leviedif you want the portrait posted to where you are. This has to be pre-paid, time agreed on and postage determined. 

Group Bookings & Psychic Parties –  (min 6 people) 

Get 6 or more friends & family together and get your reading free! * A surcharge outside of the Maidenhead area applies. A minimum non refundable deposit of £20 is required. Kindly contact Jenny before booking to secure your preferred date. Please have a separate room or area with a table and two chairs available for the reading.

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Email Reading

You can choose to have a psychic Angel card reading via email.  People are often surprised by how close it relates to their life and details that emerge to help guide them into a better situation. You can either ask a question or an area of your life that you need some guidance or leave it general. You are only allowed one question or area of life per reading. You will receive a complete report of the cards selected, any spiritual guidance received during the connection and messages. Angela has done email readings for as far as Singapore and Sweden with great feedback! 

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Please email Jenny with question/area of life you would like answered once you have paid via the link above. Please expect the reading delivered between 1-3 working days (depending on availability)

Other Services

Spiritual Mentorship 

Are you a light worker who needs clarity on what is next on your spiritual path? Do you feel the need for guidance and help? Angela regularly helps a number of mediums, healers and spiritual practitioners in connecting with their guides or even advice on how to go about developing their gifts. Sometimes an energy block can hamper your work cause disruption. Book in for a session to discover how Angela can help you in a confidential and discreet manner. This is a very deep channelling session where you will be able to ask questions, heal, find links into your karmic connections and find a stronger direction for your own journey. It will include a spirit portrait of your guide or influences and  wisdom from elders. This session will last about an hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on your needs.

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Please email Jenny with your preferred date/time once you have paid via the link above


£45 for one session (including consultation and healing)

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Please email Jenny with your preferred date/time once you have paid via the link above

House/Office Blessing

Buildings like objects retain energy and can also experience spirit activity. When the energy becomes clogged or “dirty” then negativity sets in and can create disruption. While some of us welcome and appreciate spirit activity, some of us fear them and feel agitated, just like you would if you have a demanding uninvited guest in your house. All this changes the energy and emotions in the house or office.

People in sick houses find that children will be unusually difficult and find it hard to sleep, sleeplessness, depression, falling ill, frustrated, entering into unnecessary arguments, headaches, and at times feel like there is a dark cloud over them. Some find certain areas in the house scary or even overwhelming.

A sick office will see staff falling ill regularly, depressed, lack of energy, unenthusiastic, decisions and projects stalled or often feeling like something is “blocking” things. The company may even experience financial, unexplained breakdown of equipment or expensive repairs.

Angela uses her unique knowledge of Western and Eastern methodologies to provide a thorough cleansing and guidance for your home, office or building. This includes a blessing, spiritual assessment, and clearing of any negative energy in the house. This is a very intensive session which will be done in a respectful and discreet manner. 

Price starts at £100 for up to a three bedroom house or flat. 

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Please email Jenny with your preferred date/time once you have paid via the link above

For quotes for house with more than 3 rooms or offices/ buildings, please contact Jenny with size, rooms and layout. A travel expense charge will be applicable for areas outside of Maidenhead.

Intuitive Dream Analysis 

Using Tibetan Dream Analysis and intuitive interpretation to provide the missing messages in your dreams. You will receive a full analysis of your dream, any hidden meanings and symbols. You can choose between a simple report or a more indepth one which will include a wider reading on how the dream relates to your situation. Dreams have different meanings depending on what is happening in your life and what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Standard Report 
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In-depth Report 

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