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Angela sees her face to face clients in central Maidenhead and  Covent Garden, London during the week from 11am to 6pm. Angela travels from Fridays to Sundays for public events. Please use the online booking system below to book in reading and healing appointments, For anything else, please Angela’s assistant, Jenny Jacobs via email She will respond to emails working hours from Mon – Fridays. Please expect a slight delay in response during busy times. Jenny is only able to respond to booking and event queries. Kindly refrain from discussing spiritual matters or your personal information with Jenny as she is not a light worker.

Information & Terms

The cost for psychic and mediumship readings are the same. You can discuss your need when you arrive for the reading. Appointments at Angela’s reading room are for one person per session basis. Guests and observers are not allowed. Audio recordings for private use are welcome however video is not. You are also encouraged to bring any objects belonging to a loved one in spirit such as watch, jewellery, memorabilia, handkerchief, tie, photos, lighter etc. Kindly refrain from bringing ashes, urns or teeth, bones etc. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. Please change your appointments at least 24 hours before the booking. There is limited availability so last minute cancellations are unfair to those who are waiting for a slot. You have 10mins at the beginning of your reading to stop.Full payment is required after the first ten minutes as it indicates that you are happy with the progress. The deposit would still be non refundable. London appointments will be at Covent Garden and are very limited.