About Angela

With renowned UK Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell and US Psychic John Holland

Angela is  a third generation natural psychic medium. Her grandmother was a natural psychic, healer and medicine woman from Malaysia. Her daughter Parvathi was a trance medium and now Angela is following in their footsteps to provide clear, accurate and heartfelt messages from the spirit world to provide comfort to the living.  She spend most of her life as a successful and well known journalist in Malaysia and then ventured into communications and marketing for international development organisations, NGO’s and IT companies in Sweden and the UK.  She knew the time had come for her to step into her spiritual path in 2013 and took a break from everything to go on a spiritual  journey. She was eventually led to explore her abilities and went on to be trained by some of the best mediums in the UK and the US such as James Van Praagh, John Holland, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla.   She has also studied Tibetan Dream Yoga and Dream Analysis under the guidance of Dr Nida Chenagtsang who is from Rebkong region of Tibet, home to famous Ngakpa yogis from whose lineage he descends.

Angela with AFC teachers Lynn Parker and Lynn Cottrell (international psychic artist and teacher)

with best selling author and Spiritual teacher from the US, James Van Praagh

She has and continues to train at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. AFC has enabled her to fine tune her mediumship and psychic art to a professional standard. It continues to challenge her to achieve  high quality spiritual ethics as close to the 7 principles of the Spiritualist National Union as possible. Angela believes strongly in personal responsibility and works to a high standard in all that she does, whether it is readings, healing or teaching. She has been able to receive good reviews and recommendations from her teachers who are renowned mediums and teachers, her colleagues and clients. Throughout it all, Angela has remained true to her self and her calling, always allowing her gifts to unfold naturally and being open to new experiences. Angela is a very normal fun loving person who is bubbly, funny, quirky at times, maybe even silly, loves socialising, cooking, charity work and travel. When she is not being all “woo woo”, she loves spending time with her lovely husband Peter, working on her paintings, writing her book or out with friends, trying to make the most out of life.

Angela’s Journey 

As a child, I was aware there was another dimension to our world.  I have memories of knowing visits from my grandmother and other spirit people even in my cot. I know my grandmother came to me many times after she passed. I have always had a sense of knowing and very often a sense of “feeling” even at a young age. I would tell my father not to go out, much to his annoyance and later on, to find that he had been in a minor accident or the car had broken down. The first time I saw spirit and had the awareness that it was indeed a spirit, was when I was 10.  It started after I had a spontaneous Out of Body experience. I had no idea what was happening to me and why but it was scary and fantastic at the same time. A few days later I came home after school and found my neighbour siting on a tree in his garden. I thought it was rather odd considering he had been in the hospital recently. He was smiling and waving at me as he sat there in his stripe pajamas. I waved to him and went inside to tell my mom about what I had seen. My mother’s reaction was unexpected. She looked really cross and swiftly took me outside to look at Mr Lee’s house through the fence. The sliding door was open and the curtains were missing. I could see through the front room. There was a coffin and a huge picture of Mr Lee at the end of it.  My mother said Mr Lee had passed away earlier the day while I was at school.  I looked back at the tree and Mr Lee looked happy and well. It was a strange and very confusing moment. My mother was understanding but she thought it was better we kept it to ourselves. My parents were spiritual and explored meditation, yoga and very open to mediums and clairvoyants. They however, didn’t know what to do with their young child who was very mediumistic. They accepted but couldn’t really help me develop. This followed many years of an inner struggle with the gift. I used to think it was a curse because I was always open! I would see many different paranormal activity around me, spirits trying to reach out to me all the time and worse still, being so sensitive that I couldn’t walk into a house without sensing something. Some people accepted my gift but others were not so understanding. I learned to shut myself off and kept my sensitivities to myself. So there were many in my circle of friends who had no idea that I had this ability and quite rightly surprised when they heard I was a professional medium. 

Being able to walk in the path I was meant to, has made me so happy and brought clarity to my life. I hope I can do the same to every single person who I come across, whether it is through readings, my words, healing or teachings – I hope you will have clarity, love and happiness in your life. I truly love and believe in what I do. I am a light worker and I aim to bring light, honesty, love and positivity into everything I do.